Is Dan Benson Gay or Queer? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Dan Benson, that handsome teen from the “Wizards of Waverly Place,” is no longer a teenager but an all-grown person. After playing the role of Zeke spectacularly in the Disney series, he later got more opportunities to act and voice over in movies. 

What's actor Dan Benson's sexuality? Is he gay, queer, or straight?
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But after hitting 30, the actor is probably having a tough time. So Dan decided to work as an adult content creator on OnlyFans. Everything was fine, but he suddenly praised queer people and the community a lot. 

What could be the reason behind it? Is Dan Benson gay and trying to come out of the closet? Here’s everything that will remove your confusion regarding Dan Benson’s sexual orientation. 

Dan Benson took advantage of His Queer Fans in Earning From OnlyFans 

Dan Benson from “Wizards of Waverly Place” has earned much money with the help of his queer fans. Since he is a grown-up man now, he knows how else he can keep the fans happy and earn at the same time. 

He joined OnlyFans, which is a controversial site. It lets adult content creators make money independently by posting adult pictures and content. Dan is now a part of the site and earns excellent money. 

He knew that a considerable portion of his audience was queer, so he took advantage by posting his shirtless photos on Instagram before joining OnlyFans. 

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On 28th June 2022, he appreciated his gay fans’ supports by writing on Twitter, “Never underestimate the power of gay Twitter. 🏳️‍🌈❤️” and added his shirtless hot images. According to his fans, Dan is now an ally of LGBTQ. 

The actor even donated to the queer society from his earned money. Before granting, the voice actor of “Phil of the Future” declared it on his Twitter. He posted another shirtless photo. 

It had the caption, “I’ll be using this newfound resurgence to fight for and support the LGBTQ communities that deserve so much better from this country.” The evidence says Dan Benson is straight. 

He is only supporting his queer fans to get their support in return. Since he is open about posting adult content, he would already come out of the closet if he were gay or queer. 

Dan Benson Dated Jennifer Stone From 2009 to 2022

Dan Benson and American actress Jennifer Lindsey Stone were a couple from 2009 to 2022. Benson is 6 years older than Stone. 

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In 2022 they broke up for an unknown reason. They were a strong couple. Hence it’s shocking to know they are no longer dating. 

Both were very private about the affair. Although it was known to the world that they had an experience, both maintained a low-key profile on social media. This is the reason why their reason for the breakup is unknown. 

On 8th August 2022, he posted an image of himself wearing only underwear. It had written, “I’m single, so I guess I’ll just send these to you. ❤️” This post is evidence that Jennifer and Dan are no longer a couple. 

Final Words

Dan Benson is bombing shocks on his fans one after another in 2022. He made many followers doubt his sexuality by posting shirtless adult photos and supporting queer people. 

The truth, however, is entirely different. Dan Benson is straight and was in a relationship. They have dated from 2009 to August 2022. Benson has only taken his queer fans’ help to gain more followers on OnlyFans and increase his income.

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