Is Bo Burnham Gay, Bi, Queer or Straight? What’s His Actual Sexuality? 

Bo mainly does comedy and screenwriting. He, however, achieved a large number of followers after becoming a YouTuber.

What's Bo Burnham's actual sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
Bo Burnham by Montclair Film licensed under CC BY 2.0

He gave his first comedy performance for Comedy Central Records in 2008 by appearing in the Bo Fo Sho. The following year he released another album, the self-titled. 

His third debut, Make Happy, is an exceptional comedy series aired on Netflix in 2016. He has been doing an excellent job at making hit comedy shows.

As time passed, Bo’s supporters grew, and so grew people’s interest in his sexual orientation. Are you one of the fans? Then this piece will show you if Burnham is gay, bisexual, queer, or straight. So let’s jump to his actual sexuality. 

Bo Burnham Spending Time With His BFF Made-up His Gay Stories

There are two reasons why most people thought Burnham might be queer. But both reasons sound silly. The first reason is his closeness with his best friend, who is a guy. The actor is often seen visiting places with his only BFF.

Since two guys hang out often, it created a source for people to create gay stories. When Burnham was asked why he spends so much time with a male friend, he answered that they are close friends from the past, and he always likes his company. It’s nothing like they are in a relationship. 

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These days many celebrities support LGBTQ, and they are not ashamed of showing their support publicly. Burnham is one of those stars. His loyalty to the gay community is the second reason that sparked the rumors about his sexuality. 

But he is not too severe for gay people. Bo hurt gay people in the past by posting a Tweet where he wrote something homophobic.

He said, “If my son turns out to be gay, I’m gonna beat the fu*k out of him in a game of “Trivial Pursuit: Broadway Edition.” This post attacked homosexual men and women.

After posting it, he was criticized a lot, so one day he felt sorry for the LGBTQ community and told them it was nothing but a comedy.

This one post tells us Bo Burnham’s sexuality is straight because if he were gay or bi, he would never make a joke against his community. Furthermore, the comedian is happily in a relationship with her girlfriend for an extended period.

Who is Bo Burnham and Living Together With Girlfriend Smashed His Bisexual Rumors 

We Believe Burnham is not bisexual. The comedian and host of Bo Burnham: Inside is in a long-term relationship. Since 2013 he and a filmmaker, Lorene Scafaria, have been having an affair. Although the couple is not married, they have been living together.

While Bo’s only love is 12 years older than him, it doesn’t bother the guy ever. Currently, he is 32 years old, and Scafaria is 44 years old. They also don’t have children.

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The duo has many differences, but their bond of love is strong enough to keep them stay with one another no matter what. Also, his relationship completely dismisses the false gay news about him. 

Final Words

Burnham is a dashing American comedian. He gained many awards and praises for his work. Nowadays, fans are unhappy if they can’t dig into their favorite celebrity’s sexuality. Now that you have the above information, there shouldn’t be a denial that Bo Burnham is a straight man.


What is Bo Burnham’s real name? 

Bo is not the actual name of Burnham. He has a beautiful name. Bo’s proper name is Robert Pickering Burnham. 

Is Bo Burnham in a movie? 

Burnham did a lot of movies alongside giving comedy performances. His songs include Bo Burnham Inside, The Inside Outtakes, Promising Young Woman, Eighth Gate, and Sesame Street. 

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