Is James Corden Gay or Bi? Why is His Sexuality Being Questioned? 

James Corden is a multi-talented person. He had acting, comedy, singing, writing, and producing television hosting as his career.

He went on to success’s peak by hosting The Late Late Show with James Corden. It’s a late-night talk show which has been airing on CBS television since 2015. 

James Corden's sexuality and gay rumors details.
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Corden’s career began by participating in a music show. He was only 18 then. He later tried to work as a reporter and luckily achieved success.

He worked as a reporter with BBC for the first time in the show Good Morning with Anne and Nick. James is a career-focused person, yet he is caring toward his family. 

Now, it’s been a long since his supporters wanted to know, “is James Corden gay, bisexual, or straight?” In this piece, you will learn his sexualorientation as well as why his sexuality is being questioned. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

James Corden Helped a Gay Girl to Make Her Dream Come True: Does It Mean He is Gay? 

As a versatile actor, Corden played different characters in various movies. Like some straight actors, he played the gay role. The actor starred in a Netflix movie called The Prom, where he helped a lesbian girl chase her dream to the end. 

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The film showed he is a member of Broadway. The main character is a girl who is a lesbian and wants to attend the prom. However, her classmates refused to give her a chance.

Later, James and the other Broadway members helped the gay girl to attend the prom and fulfill her dream. Most viewers took it differently. They began to question the sexual orientation of the chubby actor. 

Instead of getting stressed about all the negative comments, the actor of Into the Woods told the media that he is rather proud of playing such a character. It doesn’t matter even if people get doubts regarding his label of sexuality. 

He gave an interview with Metro where he shared that some parts of the movie are attached to his emotions. He told the interviewer, “I get emotional when I think about those scenes about his family if I’m honest. They are important scenes that move the story and character forward.

You spend quite a long time, just personally, feeling like you might be able to have a bit more to give. Like you might be able to have a bit more depth, and you want someone like Ryan to come along and drop a script in your lap like this.”

Since acting is his passion, Corden gets emotional with any character he plays, whether it’s a gay character or straight.

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Besides assuming an actor’s sexual orientation, looking at his played characters is foolish. Instead, the best way to find out about James Corden’s sexuality is by looking at his personal life.

James Corden Might Be Straight and Not Bisexual As He Is Happily Married to a Woman

If we dig into James’ private life, we will find a beautiful wife, Carey, who he married after having a severe affair in 2012.

It’s been over ten years since the couple has been happily married. His wife gave birth to their three children, two daughters, and a son. 

As per the reports, the duo have no family issues and are often seen attending events together. Moreover, no one has ever reported him having a relationship with a same-sex person. His marital life has removed any doubts about his sexuality. 

Final Words

It’s unfortunate how a family-guy-type great actor gets criticized for his job. While James didn’t play a gay role, he faced controversies for working with a gay actor. 

It’s not fair to judge someone’s sexuality that easily. Besides, he never hid his wife or children and was never reported to have an affair with a male. With all these clarifications, it never and is still not proving him a gay.

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Does James Corden have five children? 

James Corden became the father of three children and not 5. 

What are the names of James Corden’s children?

James and Julia Corden’s first baby was a boy. They named him Max Corden. The second child is a daughter. Her name is Carey Corden, and their youngest child is also a daughter who is known as Charlotte Corden. 

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