Addressing the Rumors Question “Is Taylor Lautner Gay?” 

Tylor Lautner has been working in the entertainment industry for long enough. He gradually earned fame but reached his success target after acting in the Twilight movie. He portrayed the character named Jacob Black, who won many followers’ hearts. 

Taylor Lautner enjoying himself with his girlfriend Dome while some people think Taylor Lautner is gay.
Taylor Lautner by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He is so dashing that in 2009 he was chosen as one of the “100 Most Beautiful People.” Before entering an acting career, he became a karate expert and won tournaments several times. 

He is pretty straightforward, so when asked if Tylor Lautner is gay, he said things addressing the rumors. Let’s discover what he said about his sexuality. 

Fake Claims Portrayed Taylor Lautner as Gay to Some of His Fans 

If a person glances at Lautner, they would never think the actor could be gay. It’s because he has that manly charm in his appearance. Yet the Twilight star was severely humiliated by his haters after the fake news that ‘Taylor is gay’ spread through the internet twice. 

The first time he was assumed gay was when he met with one famous happen-to-be gay director named Gus Van Sant and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

He met them for work purposes in Los Angeles. Some reporters caught them spending time together and thus doubted Lautner’s sexuality. 

A few days after the meeting, when the media reached Taylor, they asked about that meeting and his sexuality. The handsome actor gave a straightforward answer. He said, “No, definitely not. I think they know I am straight. But they are great guys. They are a lot of fun,” when the GQ asked if they thought him gay. 

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The second time he went through false claims such as “Taylor Lautner is gay and proud” was in 2012. People magazine established a cover using the ‘Abduction’ actor’s picture and added the caption “Exclusive Taylor Lautner Out & Proud.”

The magazine had made-up stories, quotes, and Taylor’s photoshopped image. That one fake news made many supporters, including some celebrities, believe he might have actually come out. A few stars even congratulated the legend on Twitter. 

However, soon everyone heard the news that People magazine spread false information about the martial art master’s sexual orientation. The celebrities who congratulated him and misunderstood his sexuality immediately apologized on Twitter again. 

The Straight Actor Taylor Lautner is Now Engaged to His Girlfriend

Taylor and his fiancee dated for years. The couple met through Lautner’s big sissy. According to the actor, his sister planned for him and Dome to be together. He once shared in an interview that his sister said she would make him meet with the girl that he will want to make his wife.

After having a 3-year affair, Lautner and Dome finally got engaged in 2021. Dome said he proposed to her. The couple posted their pictures on Instagram and were congratulated by thousands of Lautner’s fans.

As he is not gay as he said and is engaged with a female, no one should think that Taylor Lautner could be bisexual. He is straight and he clarified it. 

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Final Words

Lautner has been doing a great job as an actor from the beginning of his career. He played each role with excellence. Although he has a spectacular personality, his sexuality was questioned like other celebrities. 

As a straightforward person, Lautner talked about his sexual orientation openly, and we think he did the wisest job. Now there will be no room left for doubting his sexual label.


Did Kendall Jenner date Tylor Lautner? 

While Lautner didn’t speak much about having an affair with Kendall, the actress told Howard Stern they had an affair. It was her life’s first love, and she said the couple stayed together for years during their relationship. He also dated Selena Gomez.

How many Taylor’s has Tylor Lautner dated? 

Did you know that the Twilight star Tylor Lautner has dated celebrities with the same name as him? Well, it’s true. He had two girlfriends named Tylor. One is Tylor Dome, and another one is famous singer Taylor Swift. 

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