Is Hailee Steinfeld Gay, Bi, or Straight? Look at Her Sexuality

Before Hailee Steinfeld hit the headlines with her relationship news, there was another shocking news regarding her sexuality swirling online. In 2015 many of her followers speculated about her sexual orientation as gay. 

A close look at Hailee Steinfeld's sexuality. Let's see whether she is gay, bi, or straight.
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After the speculation and gay rumors about the “Pitch Perfect 2” actress, she began to have open relationships. That helped us to understand her real sexuality. So what is Hailee Steinfeld’s sexual orientation? Let’s discover. 

How Gay Rumors Sparked About Hailee Steinfeld? 

Hailee Steinfeld’s social accounts or lifestyle don’t reflect lesbian or gay vibes. So she is most probably not gay. Still, gay rumors sparked about the pretty actress first in 2015. This happened for an Instagram post of her. 

Steinfeld posted a picture of a performance going on and captioned it “G-A-Y,” which misled many of his fans. Especially those who don’t follow her on Twitter. Before posting about the performance on Instagram, she wrote on her Twitter on 3rd October. 

The American actress wrote, “So excited to perform at G-A-Y Tonight, #HAIZinLONDON.” This post cleared things up about the word “G-A-Y.” It’s a place in London where Hailee performed on 3rd October 2015. 

After two days, on 5th October, the star shared a picture of it and only mentioned the place’s name, G-A-Y. Since nothing else was written on the Instagram post, many people began to ask, “is Hailey Steinfeld gay or bisexual?” The answer lies ahead. 

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Hailee Steinfeld Was Seen Dating Several Men Celebrities Openly

We believe Hailee Steinfeld is straight and not gay. We believe this based on her love life. If she was lesbian or bisexual, she could have dated at least one woman, but interestingly, the star only dated males. Her first open relationship was with an Instagram influencer.

He is Cameron Smoller. The duo began to date in 2016. They were spotted in many places while being cozy with one another. In 2016’s Halloween, the couple was seen holding hands at the Just Jared Halloween. 

With the increased popularity of Hailee, Smoller also gained many followers on his Instagram. In November 2017, the couple reported having a breakup. 

The “Hawkeye” actress’s second public relationship was with singer Niall Horan. They met through a mutual friend. They were captured together for the first time in November 2017 at Backstreet Boys’ live concert in Las Vegas. 

After getting romantically linked, Steinfeld wore Niall’s world tour promo t-shirt and posted a picture of her wearing it on her Instagram. They were spotted many times in other places, but after she was asked about her relationships directly in an interview, the actress of “Dickinson” refused to share. [Source: Youtube]

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She has been single since her breakup with Niall, and it’s unknown when and why the couple broke up. Her main focus is now on developing her career and acting skills.

So Hailee Steinfeld is not queer, but her sexuality is straight. A lot of people also ask if Hailee Steinfeld is trans. She certainly is not trans. She is a lady and heterosexual. 

Final Words

The “Bumblebee” actress won millions of hearts through her beauty and excellent acting. She seems to enjoy her career fully, so she seems natural in all her films. 

We often find her supporters asking various questions regarding her sexual orientation. Although she was once misunderstood as gay, the truth is her sexuality is straight, assumed by us and other verified sources.

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  1. you can have any vibe and still be gay??? you can date 3 million men and then realize you’re a lesbian there’s no specific way to be or dress gay 😭 either way even if she’s straight she’s a beautiful women and an amazing singer/actress 🙂 -A lesbian

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