Is Jeff Goldblum Gay or Bi? Which Video Fueled His Gay Rumors?

Since Jeff Goldblum joined the Gay Mardi Gras party, the gay rumors aren’t stopping. The American actor had wives and became a father; why did he attend a gay event? 

All about our loving actor Jeff Goldblum's sexuality, gay rumors, and married life.
Jeff Goldblum by Büderich licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

This one question is growing more queries like “Is Jeff Goldblum gay, bi, or straight?” It’s tricky enough to find, but we will disclose his sexuality to you since it’s our job. 

After speculating his life well, we found exciting facts like which video fueled his gay rumors. So, sit tight and keep your eyes on the article to know Jeff’s absolute sexual orientation. 

Jeff Goldblum Was Vibing to Normani’s Motivation Song at the Gay Party of Southern Decadence

Is Jeff Goldblum gay? Since he was spotted vibing to the ‘Motivation’ song at the gay party popularly known as Gay Mardi Gras, his followers, and haters are showing they’re eager to learn his true sexuality.

Generally, celebrities that are gay join every year’s six days long gay party of Southern Decadence. The three times married man Jeff attending that party sparked gay rumors about him.

It was a video posted on Instagram by the page called ‘barracuda.’ Some have taken the video as a silent way of him coming out. However, Goldblum didn’t speak about whether or not he was gay. But he has been saying for the LGBT people for years. 

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Jeff Goldblum Might Be Bisexual

There is no confirmation from Jeff that he is bisexual. We have seen him dating women only. But he might have been secretly dating a man, and we don’t know that. Also, the story can be different; he might love gay people so much and enjoy hanging out with them. 

Hence he doesn’t hesitate to join gay parties. The Jurassic Park actor may be a little gay since he is comfortable with them. Still, without his confirmation, we can’t assume he is bisexual either. 

Jeff Goldblum’s Sexuality Can Be Straight: The Result of His Marriage Analysis 

The American actor in Jurassic World Dominion has a love list involving ladies. He married thrice; all his wives were his girlfriends.

His first two marriages were indeed failures. Both marriages lasted for about 4 to 5 years. After his second divorce, the actor was single for an extended period. 

But then he found a lady much younger than him but loves and understands Jeff well enough. He married Patricia Gaul and accepted her as his first wife in 1980. After five years, they got divorced. We couldn’t find out the reason for their splitting. 

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Geena Davis was his second wife. She was Goldblum’s co-star. They immediately got married after realizing they liked each other in 1987.

After four years, the couple understood that they had understanding issues. So the duo mutually decided to end things and got divorced in 1991. 

Currently, Jeff Goldblum is married to his third wife, Emilie Livingston. She is a gymnast and is in crazy love with Jeff. The couple married in 2014 and are still together.

The couple became parents of two boys. They welcomed their first child in 2015 and named him Charlie Ocean. The second baby was born in 2017 and was named River Joe. 

Final Words

Jeff Goldblum is misunderstood as gay. He only supports queer people. Goldblum joins many parties and events for LGBTQ people like many other celebrities. 

Enjoying with them doesn’t make a straight celebrity queer. He is happily married and never dated men. Also, the actor doesn’t care about labeling his sexuality. He thinks his marriage life is enough to prove he is not gay or bi but straight.


Are Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum married? 

Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum had a love journey that ended before they decided to get married. The couple met on the set of Jurassic park and fell in love.

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They dated for four years, for which their fans thought the duo would get married soon. Unfortunately, they chose to end things in 1997. 

What’s the age difference between Jeff Goldblum and his wife? 

Goldblum’s current wife is Emilie Livingstone. She is way too younger than Jeff. The age gap is 31 years. Still, they live a happy life like other couples and have a great understanding. 

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