Is Al Pacino Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality and Dating

In 1980 Al Pacino’s film “Cruising” was released. The movie was praised for its story; however, it put Pacino in trouble. 

In the 1980s, homosexuality was not widely accepted; straight actors were considered gay if they played a homosexual role. In the crime thriller movie, Pacino was a gay cop trying to solve a complicated case involving a serial k*ller.  

Let's see whether Al Pacino is gay or straight.
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Since the criminal used to scour gay clubs, he also went there often, and there are many clips where homosexual people were ki*sing, dancing, and getting romantic. 

That raised the question, “is Al Pacino gay?” This article will answer your queries regarding his sexuality and share more interesting facts about Al Pacino’s dating life. So let’s jump right into the facts. 

Al Pacino Never Shared His Sexuality with The Media

Most actors don’t want to speak about their sexual orientation. Al Pacino too remained silent about his sexuality label. Generally, actors and actresses don’t share their sexuality with the media because they don’t want to hurt their homosexual fans. 

Also, some celebrities think labeling sexuality is stupidity. There is no record or strong evidence that Al Pacino mentioned himself as straight or gay. “The Godfather” actor prefers to keep this part of his information a secret. 

Still, is it possible to assume his sexual orientation? Of course, we will examine his s*xual interests in brief, which will reveal whether Al Pacino is gay or straight.

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Al Pacino Has always been into Women

The Scarface actor put scars on several women’s minds after involving himself romantically with them and breaking up.

He had 11 girlfriends that the media and public know about. Among them, Jan Tarrant and Beverly D’Angelo tasted motherhood with him. 

Here is the list of Al Pacino’s Dating Partners

  • Diane Keaton
  • Lucila Solá
  • Kathleen Quinlan
  • Carmen Cervera 
  • Penelope Ann Miller
  • Marthe Keller 
  • Ellen Barkin 
  • Beverly D’Angelo
  • Meital Dohan
  • Jan Tarrant and
  • Lyndall Hobbs 

Jan Tarrant Pacino tasted parenthood for the first time in 1989 when their only child Julie Marie Pacino was born. According to trustworthy sources, the couple dated for a year, from 1988 to 1989. 

Tarrant was an acting coach, so she had a chance to enter the “Scent of a Woman” actor’s life. After their child was welcomed, the duo parted ways. The reason for their splitting is still unknown. 

In 1997 Beverly D’Angelo met Al Pacino. They fell in love quickly in the same year and entered a public relationship. The couple dated till 2003 and had their twin baby in 2001. 

The twins are their daughter Olivia Pacino and son Anton James Pacino. The actress said she parted ways with him because he was irresponsible and didn’t care for their children. 

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Al Pacino never had a boyfriend but girlfriends, so it’s funny to think he could be gay. 

Gay Rumors Regarding Al Pacino Started After He Played a Gay Role in Cruising

It’s normal for every straight actor to be considered gay after playing a homosexual role. The same thing happened with Al Pacino. In 1980 the actor acted in the film “Cruising” where he was a police officer and gay. 

He worked to solve a case where the criminal was a serial killer. This put him into interrogations about his sexuality, but he always answered calmly and never told the media if he was straight or gay. But hey! A man with so many girlfriends in the past can never be homosexual. 

Final Words 

Al Pacino is a man who has always been in love with different women. He is one of those stars who couldn’t settle down with any of his girlfriends. 

In his entire career, the actor was romantically involved with females, not males. So there’s no way that he is gay or bisexual. If you find anyone claiming Pacino to be homosexual, know they don’t have evidence to prove that. 

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