Is Noah Reid Gay Or Bisexual? A Close Look At His Sexuality

One of the most popular characters in the Schitt’s Creek comedy series is Patrick Brewer, and Noah Reid plays this special role. He was first seen in the series’s third season and its middle. Soon he became famous and gathered many fans. 

Is Noah Reid Gay, Straight or bisexual?
Noah Reid By Mark Dunne Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Noah Reid has a pretty interesting personality, so his fans are curious to know is Noah Reid gay, straight or bisexual? We are about to discuss this and take a close look at his sexuality. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Why is Noah Reid Thought to be Gay? 

Many misunderstood Noah Reid’s sexuality. Because he entered the Schitt’s Creek series as gay, the character he played was loved by another character named Daniel. Noah played the gay role for a long time. 

Noah played his role so well and gave natural vibes that his fans not only thought he was gay enjoyed but also enjoyed his acting. Levy (the character named Daniel) once told an interviewer that he felt thankful for having Noah as Patrick (as his gay partner). 

In the beginning, they had a bit of difficulty, and at a point, the team thought of removing the gay character, but the producer wanted to continue. Levy thinks that was the best decision of the Schitt’s Creek producers.

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Since Noah and the Schitt’s Creek team found out, people loved the chemistry between Patrick and Daniel, so Noah had to continue to play the role of Patrick.

In one of the episodes, Noah even kissed Daniel. The kiss looked so real that his fans couldn’t stop themselves from thinking he is gay in real life too.

However, Noah said he was fine with the character, and he actually loved playing it since the series and his role had messages for people. He does not take sexuality too seriously. According to some reports, he loved the show and his role. 

In many interviews, he was asked about his character, and he answered the same to every interviewer and said he enjoyed the moment he was kissing since it was an important part for the gay character to look more real.

He thinks the show is a comedy, so everyone should take things lightly and enjoy all the different characters. 

This is the big reason why people ask, is Noah Reid gay or bisexual? Although he is still quiet about his sexual orientation since he is married to a beautiful woman named Clare Stone, we can say he is straight. On 25th July 2020, the couple tied the knot.

During their wedding, Noah’s wife Clare said, “We wanted our wedding to feel like a laid-back, outdoor dinner party at a Tuscan villa. We throw a lot of dinner parties and enjoy nothing more than sitting across from our friends eating beautiful food, drinking beautiful wine, and laughing late into the night.” [Source: Brides

The duo was in a relationship for a long time which clears that while Reid was performing as gay, he had dates with Clare. It reveals the fact that Noah Reid is a straight man. 

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Reid took footsteps in the film industry when he was a child. He acted with excellence in the Franklin show, which ended in 2004. He appeared in Pippi Longstocking in 1997 as Tommy Settegre. 

Noah even voiced for an animated show named Jane and the Dragon, where he gave his voice to the character called Gunter. 

This Canadian-American actor was very popular from the beginning of his acting life. But he got noticed when he played the gay role and made people think wrong about his sexuality.

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