Is Zendaya Gay, Bi, Queer or Straight? What’s Her Sexuality?

It’s not enough to call Zendaya Coleman a big celebrity. She is a name that the majority of people know. She is considered one of the elite stars. 

The Disney star’s superstardom made her catch everyone’s attention and become their favorite, but it also brought her issues. 

Zendaya and Tom Holland look amazing together. Let's know about Zendaya's sexuality.
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More followers mean more interest in her sexuality. A million fans of this young star are curious to find out is Zendaya gay, bi, queer or straight? What’s her actual sexuality?

We will reveal the sexual orientation of Zendaya today. So please stick with us from the beginning to the end of this critical discussion. 

Why did the Gay, Bi, and Queer Rumors About Zendaya Begin?

Going through controversies is a part of being a star. Every celebrity has to deal with numerous rumors. The same goes for Zendaya. The Spiderman Far From Home film’s leading actress’s sexuality is being questioned after she showed support for the gay community and gender-neutral words. 

As she raised her voice supporting the LGBTQ community, the beauty queen was Awarded Gamechanger Award in 2017. From that day onwards, she never went back when it was about speaking for gay people. 

She even showed interest in creatures, a movie where she will show two black lesbians loving each other. This is why she was made an unofficial gay queen. 

Another big reason to think her gay or bisexual is once, in an interview, she used gender-neutral words to describe her feelings. It was in 2021’s Vanity Fair interview. 

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The host asked her, “What do you like in a man?” She immediately asked the host back, “What do I like most in a person? How about that?” The media took the line and made the readers think she meant she likes both men and women. [Source: YouTube]

But since the actress didn’t mention that she is interested in women, no one can assume she is bi. Moreover, she is rumored to have relationships with many men but no women. Zendaya’s relationship timeline clarifies that Zendaya’s sexuality is straight. 

Zendaya’s Dating History

Since Coleman became famous, rumors started to spread about her different dating celebrities. The rumors include Leo Howard, who was younger than the actress. As a result, the couple soon split. However, neither Leo nor Zendaya confirmed their relationship. 

Zendaya's Dating History with Odell Beckham Jr.
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A few years later, she was again rumored to date Odell Beckham Jr. Their dating rumors initiated right after the Paparazzi pictures got viral where Odell and Coleman were romantically involved. After several months the media stopped making news about them since they stopped meeting each other.

Trevor Jackson and Zendaya went into an official relationship. It was the first time the pretty woman admitted to having an affair with the actor; however, it was an indirect indication.

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The love birds appeared in Trevor’s song released in 2013, where he starred with Zendaya. Both enjoyed the romantic moments in that music video. 

Zendaya's Dating History with Coleman.
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Zendaya and Tom Holland starred in the movie Spiderman Homecoming. They met for the first time on the set and fell in love. The duo was seen very close together, hugging and kissing, but Coleman again denied being in a relationship with Tom. The last guy she was rumored to have an affair with was Jacob Ellordi. 

Final Words

The name Zendaya Coleman is known by every Disney series lover. Some boys crave the lady and have a severe crush on her. Sadly some fake news regarding her sexuality made many boys sad. 

It broke the hearts of her fans when they thought she could be queer, bi, or gay. Thankfully, she is not. Zendaya, although she kept all her relationships secret, her closeness with men explained her sexual orientation. 


Does Bella Throne like Zendaya? 

Zendaya and Bella were excellent friends once. But in 2020, there started problems between the two close friends. Whenever they get to meet each other, make sure they gush over. 

How Old was Zendaya when filming Shake It Up? 

The first-ever platform that gave Zendaya the popularity she dreamt of was the set of Shake It Up. When filming the series, she was a teen, only 14 years old. 

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