Is Post Malone Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality

Since Post Malone released his super hit debut solo “White Iverson,” success and fame have not left him. This American rapper is counted as one of the legends when it comes to rapping.

Post Malone about his gay controversy.
Post Malone by Tore Sætre licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

He got famous mainly for singing raps that have deep meanings, soothing rhythms, and blending various genres. 

The Album “Stoney” of Malone was Billboard’s top hip-hop album for 77 weeks. It was his second album.

He was also awarded many times with different awards like MTV Music Award, American Music Award, etc. Malone’s fans were not happy with listening to his songs only; they wanted to know about him. 

A group of people, including his fans, have been asking for a long, “is Post Malone gay?” This is why today we will have a look at his sexuality. So, let’s start exploring his sexuality and relationships. 

Is Post Malone Gay or Bisexual? 

So, is Post Malone gay or bisexual? Well, he has not yet clarified his sexuality. However, most of the tabloids claimed him as a straight guy.

There are also a couple of reports where reporters think he is bisexual, but their logic is not strong. They think he dresses how bisexual people dress so that he might be one of them. 

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Let's see Whether Post Malone is gay, straight or bisexual.
Post Malone By Lilytofel430 Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

It’s ridiculous to think of anyone as gay or bisexual just by seeing how they appear. It’s nothing but a rumor that didn’t last long since Post went into relationships with many women and publicly dated them.

Although we weren’t informed by the singer what his true sexuality is, we can’t deny he is straight if we carefully look at his lifestyle. 

Post Malone Relationships 

Malone was rumored and seen dating different female celebrities several times. One of them is MLMA, the rapper and TikTok star.

She is Korean. MLMA (Me Love Me A lot) sparked relationship rumors with Malone after she was spotted with Malone in a photo where they posed like they were flirting with each other. 

The couple was holding hands in the image. She even posted pictures on Instagram, and she added this caption: “All I want is him to be happy, and I like to be in love.”

Post malone and his girlfriend MLMA,
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Melon was publicly in a relationship with Ashlen Diaz. They became a couple in 2015 and were together for 3 years.

In 2018 the duo broke up. When were they asked about how they met? They said it was a nightclub situated in Dallas. Ashlen was a promoter. 

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They at first became good friends but gradually started to like each other, and soon after realizing it, their affair began. Genius reported that Malone told them Diaz inspired him, and she was the motive for his 2016’s Déjà Vu.

He also said, “This song is just me during the beginning stages of starting to hang out with my girlfriend. It’s like very early stages, but now I’ve been with her for two years, and it’s cool.

She’s annoying, but I love her. There are a lot of d*kie ho*s out there, but I got an A-1, very fine lady, and I love her. I’m a good boy.” 

At the end of 2018, the couple broke up, and when they were asked why, both admitted that Malone couldn’t make time for Diaz anymore for all those busy schedules.

US Weekly reported the reason for their break up. Diaz also talked about the matter in a Q&A because she was not getting enough attention from Malone, so they decided to end things. 


Post Malone’s sexuality is still a mystery since he doesn’t open up about it. But we all know that a straight man is attracted to the opposite gender.

Malone was never reported to have a close relationship with the same gender, which is more than enough to prove he is neither gay nor bisexual.

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