Is Sam Heughan Gay, Bi or Straight? His Sexuality and Dating

Sam Heughan caught the attention of his fans in 2014 when the Scottish actor played the role of Jamie Fraser in the series ‘Outlander’. His excellence in acting and outstanding appearance helped him gain fame quickly. 

A close look at Sam Heughan's sexuality and dating life.
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Sam is very adored by his followers not only as an actor but also as a philanthropist. With the increased love and reputation, controversies hit him. He is rumored as gay. 

It’s been a long since the doubts of people aren’t reducing due to his silence when it comes to sharing his sexuality. But don’t worry if you are still interested to find out if Sam Heughan is gay or straight? Because his sexuality is about to get revealed. 

Why is Sam Heughan Rumored as Gay? Sam Heughan’s Sexuality

While many stars are rumored to be gay for nothing, Sam Heughan gave his LGBTQ followers many reasons to think of him as one of them. He played gay roles twice in his career and continued playing the gay character for three straight years. 

The first time he appeared on television as a gay reporter was in the movie ‘A Very British S*x Scandal’. It was his first time portraying a homosexual character, yet he did a brilliant job. He then worked in ‘Plague Over England’ as a gay again from 2008 to 2009.

Playing such a sensitive character for three years created doubts over his sexual orientation. Not only the gay community but also some of his fans thought he was gay. Then is Sam Heughan gay or straight? Luckily, Sam Heughan’s sexuality is straight. 

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Have Sam Heughan Dated Men Like Bisexual People?

Fortunately, Heughan is not bisexual. He only dated women. He gave many interviews in 2018, and he stated himself straight in one interview. But then again, to be sure about the actor’s sexual orientation, we have to look at his dating life. 

Although the star of ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ film kept his love life under wraps, his social media activities give us hints that he has dated Amy Shiels. The couple was seen going on dates and posting pictures on their social media IDs.

Sam Heughan and his past girlfriend Amy Shiels.
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Earlier in 2017, the actor dated Mackenzie Mauzy and enjoyed their parenthood by giving birth to their only daughter. It’s unknown whether the couple got married because Sam has always tried his best not to show them to the media. 

Final Words

Like other actors who have once played a gay character, Sam Heughan had to go through criticism. Although he was never reported to have a relationship with guys, he was called gay. 

It’s unfair to change a person’s sexuality without knowing the man correctly. The Scottish actor is secretive about his personal information, but his close relationships with women explain that he is straight.

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Does Sam Heughan ever date? 

Rumors about Heughan dating celebrities are still in the air. However, the actor himself was never confirmed to have dated someone. Since becoming a father, he, of course, has dated the mother of his child. 

Does Sam Heughan have a baby? 

Heughan is a father. He is the biological parent of his pretty daughter named Sophie Skelton with Mackenzie Mauzy, an American actress. 

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