Is Kehlani Lesbian or Bi? Who’s Kehlani’s Gay Dating Partner?

Wondering if Kehlani is lesbian or bisexual after examining her activities. The answer is yes, she is a lesbian, and she confirmed it in 2021 in a TikTok video. Kehlani was the only one in her family and friends who took a long to understand her true sexuality. 

Kehlani is lesbian by sexuality. She has a girlfriend as well.
Kehlani by Tore Sætre licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

So, how did all this happen? How does she explore her sexual orientation? We know you have so many questions regarding the singer. You have queries, and so we are here to answer. 

Today we will not only discuss the R&B singer Kehlani’s sexuality but also will find out who’s Kehlani’s gay dating partner. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the business. 

Is Kehlani Lesbian?

While all of Kehlani’s family and friends had guessed her sexuality way before she explored in 2021, she first shared her sexuality with her close friends and family. The singer thought they would not accept her that way. However, things went smoothly. 

They started throwing jokes at her since she took longer to find out she was lesbian. The singer told her fans how she was made fun of for not knowing the truth for this long.

In a deleted TikTok video, she said, “Everyone’s like, ‘Duh. You’re the only one who didn’t f—ing know. The f—ing closet was glass.” 

In another video on TikTok, she said, “I finally know I am lesbian, and I am gay, gi-gay, gay.” However, she later deleted this video, but a Twitter user and follower of Kehlani downloaded this video when posted by the R&B singer and uploaded it on Twitter later. 

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In a live session on Instagram, she was asked if she was a lesbian first time in 2018. In a live session on Instagram where she answered, “Never have I identified as a lesbian.” But now, in 2021, everyone, including herself, knows Kehlani’s sexuality is lesbian. 

So, now that you have got the answer to “is Kehlani gay/lesbian?” Now you might also be wondering, is Kehlani bisexual? Who is Kehlani dating? Let’s find out next. 

Kehlani’s Girlfriend

Kehlani’s sexuality is lesbian and not bisexual because she is only interested in women. The singer is dating a lady, and she openly shares romantic pictures and videos with her.

Kehlani and her girlfriend clarified their relationship via a music video, ‘Melt’. Kehlani’s girlfriend is 070 Shake.

In that music video, the duo is seen ki*sing, taking photos, leaning on one another, and laughing together. They began their journey of love in 2021 and are still together. 

However, another interesting fact is that Kehlani is a mother. She gave birth to her daughter Adeya Nomi Parrish. YG is the baby’s biological father, and he didn’t donate his sperm but had sex with the singer. However, they split soon. So, it means Kehlani was bisexual but is now a lesbian. 

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Singer Kehlani’s life is mysterious since most people already know their sexuality at her age, but she understood it pretty late. 

It was shocking for her fans to accept her as a lesbian because she and her ex-boyfriend YG used a have a great relationship and became parents. 

Suddenly in the same year as welcoming their baby, the couple split, and a few months later, Kehlani confirmed she was lesbian. She is now with 070 Shake, whom she fell in love with in the same year of coming out.


What Gender is Kehlani? 

Kehlani considers herself a lesbian even though she is a mom and has a biological father for her daughter. The next year after giving birth to her child, she became a lesbian. 

What does Queer Sexual mean? 

A queer is a person who can be of any gender except heterosexual. So gay, bisexual, lesbian, asexual, transgender, etc., are identified as Queer. 

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