Is NBA YoungBoy Gay, Bi, or Straight? Look At His Sexuality

Never Broke Again YoungBoy, is the professional name of rapper and singer Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. His stage name shows how strong he is, so the young rapper is willing to be a father to almost a dozen children. 

It’s rare to find stars this young interested in having many babies. If you don’t know well about Kentrell DeSean’s personal life, you probably have the question of whether NBA YoungBoy is straight, bisexual, or gay. 

NBA YoungBoy with one of his ex-girlfriends. His relationship timeline says he's not gay or bisexual but straight.
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We hope you are always getting hints about his sexuality by learning about his excitement about becoming a father to several children. Still, there is more to know about his sexuality. So let’s find out his sexual orientation and how many biological children he has. 

NBA YoungBoy Is Neither Gay Nor Bi But Super Straight and Became the Father of 10 Children, Per Reports 

You’ll find many pictures of him posing with kids if you often check YoungBoy’s updates on his Instagram. All those kids you’ve seen are “Right Foot Creep” rapper’s children. It’s his dream to be a dad of 10 children. But according to official reports, he currently has ten children. 

Fans Have Been Considering NBA YoungBoy As Gay After He Was Spotted Kissing BabyJoe

It’s been 4 years since the incident and still, NBA Youngboy is going through controversies. BabyJoe and the “Lil Top” singer are like brothers. They used to often meet and spend a good time together. Some fans most probably like to think of their star as homosexual and they can call their beloved celebrity ‘Gay’ for even a tiny reason. 

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When fans found a picture of NBA YoungBoy kissing BayJoe on his chicks, they began tweeting about it and claiming the singer to be gay. BabyJoe had to Go Live and explain things to smash the rumors.

Still, many fans haven’t quit calling him gay. Everyone knows that there are straight rappers like Lil Wayne and Birdman who even kissed on the lips yet they keep promoting YoungBoy as gay on social media. However, real supporters know his actual sexual orientation. 

According to Reports, There Are 7 Mothers of YoungBoys 9 Children 

The American rappers’ kid’s mothers are seven. Let us introduce them to you. YoungBoy hasn’t shared much about his 10th child except for the pictures on Instagram. 


With Niya’s “The Last Slimeto,” the singer had a baby unintentionally. She suddenly declared that she was pregnant with Never Broke Again YoungBoy’s baby. However, the “Colors” singer didn’t trust him and asked for a paternity test. Later, the reports said that he was the kid’s biological parent.  


She is the mother of the “Bandit” singer’s first child. Kayden is their son, and he is also popular as Draco. The rapper and his girlfriend welcomed him in 2016. The couple later had their second child, a daughter, in 2020 and named her Armani. 

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Starr Dejanee 

Starr Dejanee Kentrell, aka “Vette Motors” singer, has one biological child. Although Dejanee first lied about Kamron, the DNA test later showed that Kamiri is the biological child of YoungBoy and not Kamron. But Kentrell said he would take care of him like his own father. 

Drea Symone 

Drea Symone had her second daughter with NBA YoungBoy. She is known as Kodi Capri. She drew her first breath on 26th November 2020. 

Jania Bania 

The beautiful social media influencer Bania began to date the rapper in 2017. They dated only for a year, and in 2018 the duo ended everything.

However, she got pregnant during her affair with the “Lonely Child” singer, and in 2019, she welcomed the baby, Kacey. 

Yaya Mayweather

Yaya Mayweather is the biological mother of NBA YoungBoy’s child Kentrell Gaulden Jr. The child saw the light for the first time in January 2020. She posted about having the baby on her official Instagram account. Before welcoming the child together, NBA YoungBoy and she split.

Jazlyn Mychelle 

Jazlyn Mychelle is the alleged fiancée of NBA YoungBoy. The couple is still dating and has two children together. Their first baby is a daughter, Alice Gaulden, and the second is a son. He often uploads their pictures and videos with their mother, Mychelle. 

It’s unacceptable if anyone tries to promote “Bestie” singers as homosexual because a gay man is not physically attracted to females but males. But when we see YoungBoy we see him having all his interest in his ladies and focusing on producing babies. Hence, there should be no doubt about his sexuality as straight. 

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Final Words 

A few groups of people who don’t know about NBA YoungBoy’s private life will doubt the rapper’s sexuality. But his true fans, who always keep an eye on his social media, know the “Made Rich” singer is straight and has many kids with several women.

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