Which Character Fueled Darren Criss Gay Rumors? 

Darren is a songwriter and singer worldwide, but he seems more famous for playing gay roles. The actor showed outstanding acting skills in ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’ in 2018. He played the character Andrew Cunanan and was Awarded Emmy Award and Golden Globe. 

Darren Criss had faced gay rumors because of his acting gay Character.
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He mainly acted in the series. One of his most famous series is ‘American Horror Story’ which got an 8 rate on IMDB. Shockingly, some people are confused about the sexuality of such a well-known artist. While Criss is straight, several fans thought he was gay. 

For what possible reason can people think of him as gay? Which character fueled Darren Criss’s gay rumors? Let’s discover ahead. 

Darren Criss Gay Rumors Sparked as He Played the Character Andrew Cunanan 

Whoever has watched The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story knows that the character Andrew is a homosexual.

Although playing this particular role brought celebrity praise and Emmy Award, it also brought problems. Darren Criss is straight, yet most people think he might be gay and is hiding his true identity. 

Since he acted so naturally, people normally get puzzled and doubt his sexual orientation. The actor must have been thinking a lot about it, including that a real gay might play a better gay role than him, so he should make way for letting them get opportunities. Hence, he declared not to play LGBT characters again. 

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In an interview with Bustle magazine, he said, “There are certain roles that I’ll see that are just wonderful. But I want to make sure I won’t be another straight boy taking a gay man’s role.” 

According to him, he likes playing LGBTQ roles, but he thinks it’s unfair for straight actors to play homosexual roles since the actual gay actors get deprived of playing a character that they can perform the best. His denial of acting as queer is enough to make us understand he is straight. 

Darren Criss Loved and Loves Women Only Like Straight Men

Besides, he was in several relationships in the past and even became the biological father of a baby girl with his only wife, Mia Swier.

They named their baby Bluesy Belle Criss who Criss and Swier welcomed on this year’s 11th April. The couple was in a relationship for an extended period and finally married on 16th February 2019. 

Final Words 

It’s so rare to find an actor who did many gay roles. Darren Criss is one of those rare artists. He played a number of LGBTQ characters for which his sexuality became a considerable matter of discussion. 

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Although he said he doesn’t want to play such a character again to ensure a queer actor can play them instead of him, we believe as he is straight, he wants to keep his sexual orientation doubts free. But then again, it’s our opinion, not a fact.


Is Darren Criss half? 

Darren Criss is not entirely an American. He is half-Filipino. 

How much money does Darren Criss make? 

Darren’s followers are so curious to know how much he makes? Criss is a millionaire whose net worth is 5 million dollars. 

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