Is Matthew Gray Gubler Gay or Straight? Does He Have a Wife?

Matthew Gray Gubler is a multi-talented person who is an actor, director, filmmaker, painter, author, and fashion model.

Let's see if Matthew Gray Gubler is gay or not.
Matthew Gray Gubler by alacoolk licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

His career began as a model when a modeling agent noticed him. After modeling for a while, he achieved the top place for him and caught the attention of high-end designers. 

However, he gained global popularity after acting in ‘Criminal Minds’ as an FBI agent. He was chosen by the director of the series Wes Anderson. Since he hit the fame frame, the supporters began speculating about his sexual orientation. 

Some know his proper sexual orientation, and some don’t. If you are one of them (some don’t), then you have come to a perfect place where we will inform you whether Matthew Gray Gubler is gay or straight and if he has a wife. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Matthew Gray Gubler Was Once Asked to Play a Bisexual Role: Does it Mean The Celebrity is Gay? 

The director must be picky enough when it’s about picking an actor to play the LGBTQ character. Either he should select a versatile actor or a gay actor.

Some have underestimated Matthew’s acting skills. Hence, when he was asked to play a bisexual role, the rumors spread that Gubler was a hidden gay. 

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Although he was asked to act gay on a show, and it’s unknown whether he actually played that character later or refused, the rumors didn’t fade away. But ladies, if you have a crush on him, just don’t get panicked because Matthew is not gay.

The outstanding model and painter have never confirmed him as a queer. Besides, calling him gay would be funny since he already clarified that he is only interested in women on his Twitter post.

Matthew Gray Gubler’s Sexuality is Most Probably Straight

However, the producer never said he is straight, but how can we be so sure about him being straight? It’s pretty simple.

If you take a sneak peek inside his relationship history, you, too, will not deny the fact that Matthew Gray Gubler is straight. He dated many beautiful, high-profile women in the past. 

Gubler dated Eve Wind, Charlotte Kemp, Marisa Morris, Kat Dennings, and Victoria Asher; his last girlfriend was Taylor Swift in 2013. They used to hang out a lot. After breaking up with the music queen, he never went into a public relationship until 2022. 

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Final Words

As we can see, Gubler is very dedicated to his career, so he likes doing many works like producing, directing, acting, modeling, painting, etc., 

Matthew is primarily busy working, and it was even hard for him to make a relationship keep going. He couldn’t get himself married, or maybe he wanted to keep himself busy working rather than making a family. 

He will do whatever he desires, but we found the answer you were looking for. Matthew is straight and was engaged with many Holloway divas.


What was Matthew Gray Gubler accused of?

Matthew used harsh language against the gay community, for which he was accused of offending the LGBTQ community. 

How many siblings does Matthew Gray Gubler have? 

Gubler has one brother and a sister. His brother is Gray Gubler, and his sister is a famous fashion designer named Laura Dahl. 

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