Is Wilmer Valderrama Gay? His Sexuality and Dating History

Have you ever read the news of Wilmer Valderrama being gay? If yes, then it’s not only you; thousands of Wilmer’s fans are given false information about his sexuality. 

Everything about Wilmer Valderrama's sexuality and gay rumors.
Wilmer Valderrama by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Hence, no one should trust a piece of news unless it’s not verified. Wilmer Valderrama is not gay. We’ve checked all verified sources and confirmed him as straight. 

Here’s everything you should learn: why Wilmer Valderrama’s gay rumors exist and his actual sexual orientation. 

Who Think Wilmer Valderrama Is Gay? 

Wilmer Valderrama has not come as gay or bi, yet a majority of his fans and haters think he is not just gay but a highly homosexual celebrity. This thought became the source of his gay rumors. Now without him admitting to being gay, some people actually believe he is. 

A website called Gay or Straight. Com is getting more popular day by day. Many people visit the website to express their opinion on a star’s sexuality. Wilmer Valderrama was voted to be a highly gay person with 74% of votes. 

A total of 701 people voted, and the majority believed him to be homosexual. But these are assumptions with no valid evidence; hence, don’t trust the fake news of Valderrama being gay. 

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Is Wilmer Valderrama Really Gay? 

The Summer Catch actor is not gay. He didn’t label himself as homosexual. Valderrama’s sexuality is misunderstood as fake news. In real life, he is straight. 

He has dated different well-known female stars and is still dating. Next, we will take a look at his dating life. If you find him dating a guy, you can think of him as homosexual. But if you only see him with women, believe he is heterosexual. 

Wilmer Valderrama Dating Life 

The Days of Wrath actor had many affairs. His personal life is full of open dates. Here’s the list of his girlfriends and their relationship details. 

Mandy Moore 

Wilmer’s first open affair was with Mandy Moore. When Mandy was a 15-year-old teen, she met the ‘Zoom’ actor. Their dating began after a year when she became 16. The starting and ending time of their affair needs to be verified. 

Valderrama once claimed that he was the one who broke Moore’s virginity. But she denied the claim in 2004. He was a great couple to look at. Wilmer Valderrama was only 4 years older than her. 

Lindsay Lohan

The School Dance actor also dated Lindsay Lohan. Their romance lasted for only two months. Lohan was 18 years old back then, and Valderrama was 24. 

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Demi Lovato 

He dated Demi Lovato for 6 years. Their romance began in 2010 and had many break-ups and patch-ups until 2016 when they officially split. 

Amanda Pacheco 

Wilmer Valderrama is currently in a severe relationship with Amanda Pacheco. She and the ‘Blast Beat’ actor dated long enough until they got engaged in 2020. 

She is 11 years younger than the actor. They later confirmed Pacheco’s pregnancy. Wilmer Valderrama declared himself a father after welcoming their daughter on 15th February 2021. 

Since there’s no record of him dating a man, there’s no reason to believe in rumors. The truth is Wilmer Valderrama’s sexuality is straight. 

Final Words

Wilmer Valderrama is an American actor. He also works as a producer. He gained fame through playing the role of Fez in a 1970s show named ‘Sitcom.’ 

His sexuality is straight; he is not married but is happily engaged to Amanda Pacheco. They became parents of a beautiful daughter last month. 

He had many past relationships that hinted at his sexual interest was always female oriented.

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