Is Elizabeth Olsen Gay or Bisexual? Look at Her Sexuality

Elizabeth Olsen was born in California. Like her siblings, Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate were actresses; she got an easy opportunity to work in the entertainment industry. Her acting began when she was a child. She played a role in a film about her sisters. 

Elizabeth Olsen isn't gay or bisexual but straight by sexuality.
Elizabeth Olsen by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

After turning 20, she developed a place in the film industry herself. Her successful movies include Peach, Love & Misunderstanding, and Silent House. In 2011 she played an important role in Martha Marcy May Marlene. Since then, she has got many drama offers. 

Since she became a global favorite, everyone grew interested in her sexuality. Now her fans want to know if Elizabeth Olsen is gay, bisexual, or straight. If you have the same question, then let’s take a close look at her sexuality. 

Was Elizabeth Olsen Voted as Gay?

Elizabeth Olsen’s true fans will find it hurtful that she was voted gay. A common issue every celebrity has to face is some group of people messing around with their sexuality. The same happened with Olsen. 

Is Elizabeth Olsen gay, bi, or straight? In one ‘Celebrity Gay’ voting, Lizzie was voted gay by 797 people, which was 67% of the total votes.

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Sure, whoever voted must have observed her and thought her homosexual. But depending on public opinions, a person’s sexuality is never confirmed, especially because celebrity haters will take advantage of it. 

Generally, if a star gets at least 69% of the total votes, it is considered gay. With 67%, the American actress is proven gay. The problem arose from the silence of the beauty queen.

She doesn’t like to share her sexuality with the public. Still, it’s not a hard job to understand Elizabeth Olsen’s sexuality. Let’s look at her dating history and try to find at least one woman. 

Elizabeth Olsen Boyfriends 

The first-ever public relationship of Olsen was with Boyd Holbrook. The couple met in 2012 and continued their affair till 2015. They worked together in the ‘Very Good Girls’ movie and fell in love.

The bond was strong enough that it almost turned into married life. But the ‘WandaVision’ actress summoned Boyd to her friend’s funeral and ended everything between them. It is unknown why they split. 

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The year after breaking up with Boyd, she got involved with Tom Hiddleston. An interesting thing about them is, before going into a serious relationship, they were couples in a movie called ‘I Saw The Light’ where they acted as husband and wife. 

Just like the film’s ending, the duo couldn’t make it a happy ending and split after a few months of togetherness. 

She went into her last relationship in 2017 with Robbie Arnett. The couple met in Mexico while enjoying their vacation. Unfortunately, they broke up in 2021.

Now that you have seen Lizzie had no girlfriends, it should remove your doubts about her sexuality. Elizabeth Olsen’s sexuality is straight. 

Final Thoughts 

Elizabeth Olsen had many affairs in her life, of which three are highlighted. She always dated men. Still, some think the actress can be gay or bisexual.

People can have different opinions about someone’s sexuality, but it’s not fair to present them in the way you think they are. 

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