Was Vincent Price Gay? Why Was His Sexuality Being Questioned?

A close look at Vincent Price's Sexuality and gay allegations.
Vincent Price by Alan Light licensed under CC BY 2.0

American actor Vincent Price became famous for his roles in suspense and horror movies. Since he was famous, his sexuality has been the subject of gossip and speculation throughout his career. 

He was allegedly gay or bisexual, according to some, while heterosexual, according to others. The article will examine the information that is currently available regarding Vincent Price’s sexual orientation as well as the supporting data for various claims.

Vincent Price’s Early Life and Career

In 1911, Vincent Price was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He came from a wealthy background and went to Yale University to study art history.

He relocated to London and started a theater profession after graduating. He featured in some plays, such as “The Cherry Orchard” and “Victoria Regina.” He returned to the country in 1938 and started working as an actor.

Vincent Price’s Marriage and Family Life

Vincent Price had four kids and was married three times. So it’s safe to think that he was straight. While working on the radio program “The Saint,” he met the actress Edith Barrett, who would become his first wife.

The year 1938 witnessed their marriage, and 1948 witnessed their split. Vincent Barrett Price, a boy, was their only child together.

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Vincent Price wed Mary Grant, an actor and costume designer, as his second wife in 1949. Barrett was a boy, and Mary was a daughter, their two children. They split up in 1973.

Vincent Price wed Coral Browne, an Australian actor, as his third wife in 1974. They stayed together until Browne passed away in 1991.

Vincent Price’s Rumors of Being Gay

Vincent Price was the target of constant gay and bisexual rumors despite his marriages and interactions with women. His marriages and kids are also why some people believe that Vincent Price was straight.

His bright persona, his friendships with homosexual performers and artists, and his participation in the underworld gay scene in Hollywood are just a few of the factors that have fueled these rumors.

For instance, Vincent Price had a unique voice and theatrical gestures that some people thought were feminine.

Additionally, he had friendships with many homosexual performers and artists, such as Andy Warhol, Tennessee Williams, and Liberace. In the 1950s and 1960s, he was also said to have visited gay bars and clubs in Hollywood.

Vincent Price may have been gay or bisexual, but no hard proof exists to back this up. He never acknowledged same-gender relationships in public, and neither his friends nor relatives have come out as gay.

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Vincent Price’s Possible Explanations for Rumors

Several possible reasons exist for the ongoing popularity of sexual rumors regarding Vincent Price over time. One is that homophobia and racism against feminine males served as their fuel.

The stigma and illegality of homosexuality persisted during the 1950s and 1960s, and many people still saw it as a moral failing or a psychiatric illness.

Consequently, anyone who disregarded traditional gender roles or displayed “feminine” characteristics was frequently assumed to be gay or bisexual.

Vincent Price might have purposefully created a confusing public image to increase his popularity as an actor, which is another reason.

He was frequently cast in stylish and professional parts in the early stages of his career, and his unique voice and stage presence made him a memorable and well-liked performer.

He might have been able to draw in a larger audience and establish a longer-lasting profession by highlighting specific characteristics of his personality, such as his intelligence and charm.

Final words

In conclusion, the issue of Vincent Price’s sexuality cannot be answered precisely. Despite continuous speculation and rumors over the years, no hard proof supports the idea that he was homosexual or bisexual. 

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These rumors may have been stoked by his flamboyant persona and friendships with homosexual performers and artists, but it’s also possible that homophobia and prejudice played a role. But most fans consider him straight.

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