Is Jonathan Cheban Gay? Why is His Sexuality Being Questioned?

Let's see whether Jonathan Cheban is gay or not.
Image source credit: Jonathan Cheban’s Instagram

Do you feel different looking at the present Jonathan Cheban? Compared to his aged appearance, the actor changed a lot. He is clearly happy with his present self but not all of his fans. 

Why does he look like he is no longer straight? Is Jonathan Cheban really gay? We know you have many questions regarding his transformation and sexuality. 

Here you will find all the answers. So stick your eyes to the entire article. 

Jonathan Cheban Denied All the Gay Rumors

Anyone can fall for the rumor of Jonathan Cheban being gay because of his appearance. Those plumpy lips and gay faces will make anyone believe the lie is swirling online regarding his sexual orientation. 

But to our surprise, Cheban denied all the rumors. He quarreled with Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband on this matter and claimed himself as straight. Since the actor is not accepting himself as gay, we are nobody to think of him as a homosexual person. 

Jonathan Cheban Has Also Dated Women

Jonathan has had some affairs in life. His relationships before getting famous were kept private, but after popularity, his love life became open. Everyone knows who this guy dated. He was in a relationship with Anat Popovsky, a stylist. 

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He met her in 2012, and they made it official by the end of the year. The couple was first met at the set of the film ‘Kourtney and Kim Take Miami’.

Since he was one of the cast members, stylist Anat used to do his make-up, and thus they became good friends at first and a couple within months. 

But the actor didn’t inform the media or his fans when he and Popovsky broke up. After breaking up with her, Cheban has never gone into any other public relationship.

His name has not involved any man but a lady, which also gives us a clue about Jonathan Cheban’s straight sexuality. 

Why Does Jonathan Cheban’s Face Have Gay Vibes? 

If you’ve ever mistaken the actor of “By Any Means” as gay, it’s fine because many get confused about his sexuality after seeing the new him. His lips are now more fluffy, and his face has no fat. 

This gives gay vibes. What do you think makes him look like this? Of course, it’s his plumpy lips. Most gay men get lip augmentation for which their lips look more pumped than usual. 

Jonathan Cheban has gone through this medical procedure to make himself look more attractive. However, this little change has made him look weirder and gay.

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Final Words 

Jonathan Cheban has changed a lot. He no longer has that manly face that he used to have back in 2012-2014. 

It’s because he brought some changes to his face through medical procedures. He does look homosexual but is he one? The answer is no. Jonathan Cheban is not gay.

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