Is Ted Cruz’s Daughter Caroline Cruz Gay or Bi? Did She Come Out? 

The life of a politician and their family is different from everyone else. They are famous but are caged. According to the American senator’s daughter Caroline Cruz, she often suffers from her father’s popularity. She can’t live her life with the desired freedom. 

Let's see Ted Cruz's Daughter Caroline Cruz's sexuality. Is she gay or bisexual
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While her social media followers and friends have so many questions for her, especially regarding her sexuality, she couldn’t answer them earlier. In the first month of 2022, she finally decided to share the truth regarding her sexual orientation. 

Since Caroline can’t escape from the guards and safeties, she chose the social media platform TikTok to reveal that she is bisexual. So when did she discover the truth? Let’s learn more about her sexuality label. 

The TikTok Star Caroline Cruz Came Out As Bisexual In a TikTok Video

The daughter of the American Senator, Caroline Cruz, confirmed herself as bisexual. She added a video on the TikTok platform where she expressed this truth. That video was later taken down for privacy issues. She discovered her sexual orientation at the 13 only. 

She said in the video, “A lot of people judge me based upon him at first glance. But I really disagree with most of his views.” She commented on her father’s homophobic thoughts. As the video was taken down, there is only one piece of evidence of her coming out. It’s a screenshot taken by a viewer. 

According to the screenshot, she said in that video, “I haven’t told him yet, I am kinda nervous, to be honest, but I don’t think he would be mad about it.” But it seems like he did get mad about her sexuality, so he removed that specific TikTok video from everywhere. 

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Does Ted Cruz’s Daughter Caroline Cruz Has a Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Since Caroline Cruz is bisexual, she can have either a boyfriend or a girlfriend. But who is Caroline Cruz dating now? As per the reports, we know she is single. Cruz is not dating anyone. She also never spoke about having a relationship. She can’t get into a relationship since bodyguards surround the beautiful teen. 

Besides, she is in her teens and has a long time ahead to get a life partner for her. If she gets the opportunity to have a relationship, the media will find that out. So till then, let’s wait to see who she picks as her partner. 

Final Words 

Caroline Cruz is not gay. She has an interest in both sex, so she is considered bisexual. Although she described herself a bit, we didn’t find any news where she confirmed having any relationship with women. 

Maybe she knows she is attracted to women but couldn’t find her type of lady. Currently, she is not dating anybody, but if she finds a lady or a guy with her preferences, the Senator’s daughter will not mind having an affair. 

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