Unpacking the Debate: Is Jackson Mahomes Gay or Straight?

Everything about Jackson Mahomes' sexuality. Is he gay or straight?
Image source credit: Jackson Mahomes’ Instagram

Jackson Mahomes is the son of famous athlete Pat Mahomes. While his father is a baseball pitcher, his son is renowned for his influential personality. Jackson achieved fame, not for his father but for his works on social media, including Instagram and TikTok. 

He gets over a million views on each of his TikTok videos. He is mainly known and praised for his dance skills. As he gained followers, his sexuality gradually became the town’s talk. 

Now millions of his fans want to know if Jackson Mahomes is gay or straight. In this article, you will get his sexual explanation. So without further ado, let’s get to know the facts about his sexual orientation. 

Jackson Mahomes Sexuality: is He Bisexual, Gay, or Straight

The young YouTuber and TikToker have already shared his sexual orientation with followers. In one of his YouTube videos, where he responded to the hate comments he got, he told the viewers he is straight. [Source: YouTube

Sadly, sharing the truth also couldn’t save him from gay rumors and jokes. It’s because Mahomes doesn’t stop posting cringe TikTok videos, and this isn’t our claim but his viewers.

Another big reason for mocking him is his female-like voice. Besides, the dancer’s most Instagram posts include flirting captions and women. 

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However, this indicates something else, he was and is still interested in ladies. Being flirty and having a feminine voice doesn’t make a straight male, gay or bisexual.

To get more precise answers to, Jackson Mahomes’ sexual orientation, we should next take a good look at his romantic life. 

Who is Jackson Mahomes’ Girlfriend or Wife? 

The social media influencer is only 22 years old, and it’s pretty early for him to get married. Hence he does not have a wife. 

Coming to his love life, the young guy is hard to understand. While he posts pictures of having different women by his side with flirty captions, he is determined to keep his lip locked when fans ask to share who he is in love with.

We are quite sure the successful young star has a girlfriend, but she is hard to reach. Yes, Jackson doesn’t prefer sharing his personal information on social media, but looking at his Instagram posts, we can reasonably assume he is straight. 

Final Words

Jackson is a happy man who focuses on making his career life brighter just because he doesn’t share his dating stories or can’t make his voice sound manlier; calling him gay is unfair.

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Mahomes is rumored as gay for his not manly enough voice. And the truth? You already know that. 


How old is Jackson Mahomes? 

Mahomes was born on 15th May 2000. He is the son of proud American athlete Lavon Mahomes. In 2023 he will become 23 years old. 

Did Mahomes just have a baby? 

In 2022’s 29th May, Jackson Mahomes’ elder brother Patrick Mahomes shared the news of becoming parents through an Instagram post. 

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