Is Kamal Givens Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Kamal Givens is both an actor and rapper. He has both success and criticism stories. While a success story is worth listening to, one with criticism isn’t. Still, we will share with you his story of handling gay rumors. 

A close look at Kamal Givens' sexuality. Why do some people think he's gay?
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Is Kamal Givens gay? You will learn about it soon. Before we make you completely understand his sexuality, let’s learn how the rapper dealt with all those unwanted gay stories and how he addressed the rumors. 

Here’s everything you didn’t know about Kamal Givens’ sexual orientation. 

Kamal Givens isn’t Gay

Celebrities like Kamal Givens have to go through controversies for some undesired rumors. Some like to promote Kamal as homosexual or bisexual to downgrade his reputation; however, these are complete lies.

This American rapper is not gay. He is straight, as per media reports. There’s no proof of him behaving like gay men, like wearing makeup or girls’ clothing. He also didn’t come out as gay.

Hence, such rumors are baseless, and no one should believe such stories without checking the facts. The actor of ‘I Loves New York’ admitted that he is not gay. 

Ni**a Was Saying I Was Gay: Wrote Kamal Givens

According to I Love Money, actor haters have been trying to ruin his status in the music industry by spreading the lie that he was gay.

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In 2009 he had to lose his first official Twitter page to people who commented on him as ‘gay’ and reported it. Especially the page named VH1CHANCE1 tried its best to represent him as homosexual. 

He had to open another account and reply to that page owner. In one reply, Kamal Givens wrote, “new page the other page got deleted some m*th*rf*ckin ni**a was saying i was gay f*ck him real talk anyways new song coming soon!!” Since Kamal Givens has informed his fans through comments. 

Hence, let’s stop questioning his sexual label and believe that Kamal Givens’ sexuality is straight. Besides, the rapper has been dating a lady for over a decade. Let’s see who’s Kamal Givens’ dating partner. 

Kamal Givens and Michelle is a Loving Couple

If you already know about the dating news of Kamal and Michelle, you have no other option but to believe Chance is gay. He has been so loyal to his girlfriend, Michelle, since 2009. 

It’s 2023, and the media reports say the pair is still having a great affair. Before Michelle, the rapper and actor Kamal also dated two other women, but their love journey ended soon. He dated Chandra Davis and Tiffany Pollard for months in 2007. 

Currently, he is maintaining a low-key profile, so we only know a little about where Chance and Michelle hang out. We also need to find out if they plan to get married or have a baby. 

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Final Words

Kamal Givens is a great American rapper. Unlike other rappers, he ensures not to use homophobic language in his raps. This could be a reason for considering him gay by a few groups. 

However, Kamal Givens is heterosexual. He didn’t declare himself gay, but he did admit to being straight. When he lost his past Twitter account for gay rumors, he opened another. 

Givens then had conversations with the page that was misleading others about his sexuality and told his fans his real sexuality label. 

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