Is Queen Latifah Gay? Addressing Her Sexuality and Dating

If you’re a crazy fan of Queen Latifah, you may or may not know that she was the first-ever lady rapper who achieved certification from the RIAA. This certification let her release her Black Reign Album as a black woman. 

What's Queen Latifah's sexuality? Did Queen Latifah come out as gay?
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Her energetic singing and inspiring lyrics made her a hip-hop sensation in the 1990s. Thanks to her, she became the courage for women who had the talent for rapping but were not brave enough to try their careers out in rapping. 

Since then, both black and white ladies looked up to the singer and were encouraged to become a rapper, and that’s how we got more outstanding lady rappers.

After getting increased attention, the media and her followers started to ask if Queen Latifah was coming out as gay. If you want to find out what she said about her sexuality, sit tight and keep reading. 

Queen Latifah Came Out As Lesbian in 2012 at the Long Beach Pride

In 2012 news shook Latifah’s fan base that she came out of the closet. Suddenly she opened up about her sexuality in an event called ‘Long Beach Pride.’ Queen held the mic and told the gay people that they were her people. She delivered a short speech where she admitted herself lesbian

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Queen Latifah referred to gay people and said, “Y’all my peeps. I love you! Thank you to all my favorite peep guests who came out to support me. I appreciate it. I love you so much. Hope you had a beautiful time, Y’all be safe whatever y’all get into tonight. Boys –- strap it up. Ladies –- strap it up.”.

The following year in 2013, she openly started to date Eboni Nichols, a lesbian like her. The pair seem to be in a happy relationship since then. It’s 2022, and they have been a couple for nine years. She also was awarded the BET Award in 2021 where she thanked her life partner.

Queen Latifah First Realized Herself as Lesbian After Kissing a Woman in the Movie Bessie

Queen Latifah didn’t know that she had feelings for females hidden inside until she acted in the Bessie film. Her role was a bisexual character. She had to kiss another woman in that film and that is when she realized that she has a sexual interest in women as well. 

The actress said, “I don’t find [the nude scene] any more uncomfortable than kissing a girl in Set It Off and sticking to the script. You have to take your mind off of yourself and honor that character. 

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I’ve never done that before,’ she said. ‘It was a little odd but it was also a quiet, relaxing thing.”She later let herself explore more about her sexuality and one day realized she is lesbian. 

Final Words

Queen Latifah is a lesbian and is always concerned about people like her. In the past, she fought for black people and women who couldn’t get opportunities to show their singing talent. But after coming out as gay, she is also now fighting for the LGBTQ community.


Who did Queen Latifah have a baby with? 

Queen Latifah and her life partner Eboni Nichols owned a son named Rebel. Since both of them are female, the sources say they have adopted the baby. 

Is Queen Latifah a millionaire? 

Queen Latifah is a millionaire. As per the reports from Celebrity Net Worth, her value is 70 million dollars. Her income sources are her acting and singing career. 

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