Is Troy Aikman Gay? What Did Skip Bayless Say About Troy’s Sexuality?

Troy Aikman made history as an American footballer. He was so talented that he played 12 seasons for the National Football League with his team Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback Aikman has been considered a legend since 1989. 

Troy Aikman with his wife Catherine Mooty. His married life proves that he's not gay.
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His sports skills helped him to bring many wins to his team and thus became a favorite athlete to the Americans. He also achieved many supporters worldwide. Generally, athletes don’t publicly talk about their sexuality, but their followers know they are straight. 

However, Aikman was called gay once, and that sparked gay rumors. But is Troy Aikman actually gay? Who’s a comment that made the football superstar suffer? Keep laying your eyes through the entire article to find out.

Skip Bayless Commented on Troy Aikman’s Sexuality and Said The Quarterback is Gay

Before we tell you Troy Aikman’s sexuality, let’s first know who hinted him as gay. It’s no one but Skip Bayless, the famous commentator. In 2016 when he was interviewed on the ‘Seth Davis Podcast,’ he hinted to the audience that Troy Aikman was gay. 

He also didn’t apologize later for his comment but did tell the people that he was wrong about Troy’s sexual orientation and that he is not gay. Now it’s unknown why he made such an unpleasant comment about a man who had been married twice and became the biological father of two daughters. 

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Although he shared the accurate sexual label of Aikman with the supporters, the rumors never wholly disappeared. People always look for strong reasons to believe in something. 

Troy stayed quiet whenever he was asked about his sexual orientation but we can understand if he has an interest in guys other than girls by taking a glance at his romantic life. Next, we will speak about the footballer’s marriage and see which sex people he is attracted to.

Troy Aikman Seems to Have Sexual interests for Women: His Sexuality Seems Straight By Far

If we take a look at his marriage life, it will provide the answers to “is Troy Aikman gay?” The quarterback had his first marriage in 2000 to Rhonda Worthey. Their marriage lasted for ten years, and they welcomed two daughters. 

In 2011 the couple split and the Cowboys player was single for five years. He married for the second time with Catherine Mooty in 2017 and is living a happy life with his family like every other straight man. His happily married life is the biggest hint that he is heterosexual

Final Words

Troy Aikman had to face many controversies for just one comment made by the commentator Skip Bayless. Usually, gay people are not athletic.

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Hence if anyone makes such comments about your favorite footballer, cricketer, biker, racer, or any other athlete, check whether the claim is true or false by checking their sexuality from verified sources.


How long was Troy Aikman married to his first wife? 

Troy Aikman was happily married to his first wife for ten long years. They enjoyed their parenthood by welcoming two children. After splitting with his first wife, the player took care of the children on his own till 2016. 

How long did Aikman date, Lorrie Morgan? 

The love story of Troy Aikman and Lorrie Morgan ended too soon. They became a couple in 1993, but it lasted for a few months, and in 1994 they split. 

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