Is Macklemore Gay? Which Song Fueled His Gay Rumors?

Macklemore is known as a successful American rapper. He achieved fame by having Ryan Lewis by his side as his singing partner since the duo started singing together and released global hit songs. Their top hit songs are Can’t Hold Us and Thrift Shop. 

Macklemore with his wife and he's not gay.
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They had a long-term career together for eight years, but then the legends parted ways. Macklemore then released his solo hit tracks Good Old Days, Shadow; I Don’t Belong to This Club and more. 

The singer gained millions of supporters worldwide, and they often ask, “is Macklemore gay?” Also, which song fueled his gay rumors? Let’s get down to the business of finding the answers. 

Does Macklemore Song ‘Same Love’ Proves He Is Gay? 

If you’re a Macklemore die-hard fan and you always try to keep yourself updated with his news, you probably know that the singer is considered gay by some people.

However, the truth is Macklemore is straight. Then why was he called gay and is still considered a gay icon? Unfortunately, his song Same Love confused many people about his sexuality. 

That song became a gay anthem. Some lyrics, in the beginning, tell us that the singer, meaning Macklemore is gay. But if you carefully check the whole song, you will find a different story.

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Here are what the first line of the song contains, “When I was in the 3rd grade, I thought I was gay.” This piece of lyrics led many of his followers to think him gay, but the entire song has something else to say. 

It has a long message where Macklemore told the world not to spread hate toward gay people and accept them as they are. He also cleared in the song that he is not gay. The lyrics also include this, 

“If I were gay, I wouldn’t think hip-hop hates me 

Have you read the YouTube comments lately

‘Man that’s gay’ gets dropped on the daily

We’ve become so numb to what we’re sayin’.” 

The lyrics tell us that Macklemore is not gay because if he were a homosexual, he would typically take comments such as ‘Man, that’s gay.’ But he thinks it’s a way of showing hate to him.

This way, his haters indirectly spread hatred toward the gay community. The Shadow singer requests the listeners to let everyone be as they want. 

So now you know his first claim from the first part of thinking himself gay was something we shouldn’t take seriously. That was not a fact but a thought. 

Is Macklemore Married In Real Life Like Straight Men?

The Downtown singer is not only romantic but also loyal. He is a married man. He married his girlfriend, whom he dated in 2006, and engaged in 2013. The duo first got introduced to each other in 2006 through a social networking service called MySpace. 

Two years after their engagement, the couple got married in 2015. Macklemore’s family now has three children: Colette Koala Haggerty, Hugo Jack Haggerty, and Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty. 

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Final Words

Macklemore’s sexuality was misinterpreted. His song which became a gay anthem led people to think of him as homosexual. But as we know, he is happily married and was linked with women romantically in the past. So, let us no longer think he is or was gay.


Are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis a couple?

Macklemore has worked with Ryan Lewis for eight years, from 2009 to 2017. They were two dedicated singers and also best buddies. 

Although their closeness was nothing but friendship, some fans thought they might be dating and were a couple. But both singers are straight, so they were never a couple. 

What is Macklemore doing at present? 

As per the news from the media, he was about to join the NHL group’s ownership. It’s a hockey team named ‘The Seattle Kraken.’ 

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