Is 42 Dugg Gay or Bi? These Gay Lyrics Fueled His Gay Rumors

42 Dugg slowly became a popular personality. The rapper sang several rap songs that made people love him. His lyrics are heart-touching and tell practical things. 

42 Dugg's sexuality is revealed. Is he gay or bisexual?
42 Dugg by Mitch 3600 licensed under CC BY 3.0

But one of his songs had some libretto that brought this question to his fan’s minds is 42 Dugg gay, straight or bisexual? What’s his sexual orientation?

We will share those words that he expressed in his song that indicates his sexuality. However, that’s how people thought. The truth is he is not gay, and also we will explain his sexuality further. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Why is 42 Dugg’s Sexuality in Question? 

Dugg’s been criticized many times, and recently he went through controversies twice. The first controversy started when his girlfriend made fun of him but*. The moment when he got off insults from his girlfriend, the next topic for criticism was ready. 

This time he was criticized for a song that he sang in a live session. The record of that concert went viral on the internet. It was unclear when the life was recorded, but Dugg was present in the video, and a song was playing where the lyrics were gayish. 

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These librettos caught his haters and fan’s attention, “I was out here s*cking di*k. I was tryna pay the rent.”

When the tweeter users heard the song, they assumed the rapper was gay. They thought the song was indicating Dugg’s sexuality. [ Source: Tweeter] 

The rapper clarified the matter and said the lyrics had something else. He claimed the lyrics to have these words, “Hoes out here s*cking di*k….. I was tryna pay her rent”.

He also posted on Instagram and said, “I understand this shit getting out of reach but man y’all gotta stop tagging me in all this fake shit/gay shit,”

the 4PF celebrity added. “Ion need no fake attention ion wanna be on no blog if it’s not about music. I’m not gonna get caught doing no hoe shit cause it’s not in me. Real n***as “Hold up every time.” 

He continued, “Look me up, ask about me , ain’t no hoe shit gone ever come up EVER,” 42 Dugg composed. “I can’t speak on nobody else But DUGGA ask anybody I was in juvenile with ,prison anything I been holding this shit down since 11 I been to jail 7 times ain’t never had ah co defendant ain’t never been on no hoe shit. I ain’t gotta Fake SHIT REAL N***A ITS GONE SELL.” 

Is 42 Dugg gay? It’s a clear rumor because it strongly defended the lie. Besides, it’s funny to think a man is gay when he only dates women. 42 Dugg dated many women and even had a son. 42 Dugg is straight, and there is nothing to doubt about his sexuality.

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42 Dugg was rumored as gay, and like him, many celebrities are misunderstood the same way. People are quick to judge and assume, which creates issues like this.

Unlike other stars, Dugg didn’t keep silent. He rather responded to the rumors spread and told his fans by himself the truth.

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