Is Daniel Ricciardo Gay? Is Heidi Berger His Dating Partner?

Have you heard the spicy news of Daniel Ricciardo’s recent dates? Yes, he began to date a beautiful woman for months. His dating news saved him because he was rumored to be gay by some haters. 

Let's see the truth about Daniel Ricciardo's sexuality and dating life.
Daniel Ricciardo by Steve licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Would you want to know how the gay rumors started? Whether Daniel Ricciardo is straight or not, is Heidi Berger his girlfriend? You will get all the answers through this article. So let’s not talk further and learn everything about this celebrity’s sexuality and love life. 

Daniel Ricciardo’s Handshake With Max Created Gay Rumors

Does Daniel Ricciardo seem gay to you? If yes, you may have seen the picture of his and Max’s different kinds of handshake. Daniel gave this handshake a unique name. He calls it ‘tangled love.’ 

On 2nd July 2019, Ricciardo shared an image of him and Max and wrote, “Max and I established that handshake after Baku. It’s called tangled love. Personal.” His fans began to share the photo and promote the Australian racing driver as gay. 

One of his supporters named Kees replied to him, writing, “Haha, bit Gay but cool though.” Besides, many fans voted him as gay on a website. Such a voting system is misleading those who don’t know Daniel Ricciardo’s actual sexual orientation. 

To learn about his sexuality, we must look closely at his sexual interest. Is Daniel Ricciardo attracted to men or women? Let’s find out next. 

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Ricciardo Has No Record of Having Relationship With Men 

It was fine for anyone to call or think the Formula One driver for McLaren racer was homosexual or bisexual if he came out or had a boyfriend.

However, he neither declared himself as gay nor is there any record or evidence of him dating a guy. Hence, rumors about his sexuality are unacceptable. 

Daniel Ricciardo Has Revealed His Girlfriend, Heidi Berger 

Do you know the legendary Austrian racing driver Gerhard Berger? Heidi Berger is her daughter, and somehow she met Daniel. Both became close friends soon, and soon their friendship turned into a relationship. 

They are friends from 2021 and lovers from 2022’s summer. He shared his secret of falling in love with the ‘Fitzy & Wippa Podcast.’ He said, “I’m in love; I got a good thing going, so yeah. I’ve got a good balance in life right now. I think love eliminates stress, yeah, absolutely.” 

They met through Heidi’s father, Gerhard, one of Ricciardo’s idols. They often talk about sports when they meet up. Daniel Ricciardo told the host about Gerhard Berger, “He still has an interest in the sport. Not kind of steering away from him but any ex-sportsman, anyone who’s been through it, like I love, I just love speaking to them and gaining knowledge.” 

Daniel Ricciardo’s decision to make his relationship official was indeed wise. This way, he proved himself as a straight man to those trying to ruin his reputation. 

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Final Words

Daniel Joseph Ricciardo is an Australian by birth. But he also has the nationality of Italy. His salary in 2022 was 15 million US dollars. For a long time, Daniel kept his personal life private. 

But in the middle of 2022, he revealed that he was dating Heidi Berger, the daughter of Gerhard Berger. This was good news for those who knew that Daniel Ricciardo was never gay. 

Now there’s no room for anyone to doubt his sexuality. Daniel’s fans hope to hear the good news of him getting married to Heidi.

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