Is Wayne Brady Gay or Bi? Why Is His Sexuality Doubtful?

Wayne Brady is a super-talented star who is an actor, a singer, and a great comedian. But there is one more thing that made him more prominent, his continuous support of the LGBT community. 

Here is everything you need to know about Wayne Brady's sexuality. Let's see whether he's gay or straight.
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He has been criticized since the news of his care for LGBT people spread. Some even believe that he is not straight. This article will enlighten you about Wayne Brady’s actual sexual orientation. So let’s jump right into the facts. 

Wayne Brady Is an LGBTQ Supporter: So is He Gay? 

If you know Wayne Brady well, you know his lifestyle and the fact that he is a strict supporter of LGBTQ. The singer raised his voice many times in order to talk about gay rights. 

His continuous love and concern for homosexuality can make anyone think that he may be gay. Some of his fans even believe that he is a closeted one. But unless there’s no strong evidence, you can’t believe Wayne Brady to be gay or bisexual. 

He doesn’t feel uncomfortable showing his support to the community of LGBT. But he also doesn’t have any similarities to them. So there’s no reason to think that Wayne Brady is not straight. 

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Wayne Brady and Married Lives 

One can’t consider the “Whose Line Is It Anyway” actor homosexual if they knew that he had two wives in life. He even has one biological child. It was right to think of him as gay if he had tied the knot with a man, but both of his wives were females. 

So it’s not appropriate to not consider him as straight. His first wife was Diana Lasso. They were a sweet couple and believed that they were perfect for each other. So on 31st December 1993, the duo tied the knot. But couldn’t keep it longer than 2 years and got divorced on 21st September 1995. 

He then married again in 1999. He married his girlfriend, Mandie Taketa. Their wedding reception was held on 3rd April. They dated before marrying. The couple became biological parents to their only child Maile Masako Brady. She was welcomed by the duo on February 3rd, 2003. 

After the birth of their daughter, they lived only 3 more years as a couple until 2006. Brady and Taketa began to live separately since 5th April 2006 and later Taketa filed for divorce on 2nd July 2007. They finally got divorced in 2008. Let’s make a Deal actor is now single. 

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He has no girlfriend or plans to get married again. But he is not homosexual. Wayne Brady considers himself straight. 

Final Words

Wayne Brady is a savage celebrity, and there’s a reason why we are saying ‘savage.’ He once gave wild answers to a social media comment made by a lady. She commented on Brady’s lifestyle and shamed him for supporting LGBT. 

She also told her that supporting gay people can lead him to hell, according to the Bible. But Wayne made fun of all her comments and answered them in a way that every audience laughed. Although it didn’t help to address his rumors, his marriages did. 

He has been single for some years but he was involved with women in the past. Hence, we believe that Wayne Brady is not gay. 


When did Wayne Brady come out? 

Wayne Brady has not come out. He is not gay, bi, or queer. Most people believe he is hiding his real sexuality, but he is straight. 

Is Wayne Brady married? 

Wayne Brady married two times. He tied the knot with his first wife, Diana Lasso, in 1993, and divorced her in 1995. His second wife was Mandie Taketa. They married in 1999 and split in 2008. 

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