Is Tanner Buchanan Gay? Look at His Sexuality and Dating

If you’ve ever thought that Tanner Buchanan is different, then you were right. He is so different that he did something shocking. He told the media about his wish to do a bisexual Robin role in the upcoming ‘Batman’ film. 

A close look at Tanner Buchanan's sexuality and dating life.
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Before him, actor Tom Holland has done the same thing by admitting to having the wish to play a bisexual Spiderman. So is Tanner Buchanan gay or bi? Here’s a brief discussion on his sexuality and dating life to remove any confusion. 

Tanner Buchanan’s Interest in Playing the Bisexual Robin Role Sparked Sexuality Rumors

To some fans, Tanner is now gay, and to others, he is bisexual. It’s because of his interest in playing a bisexual character. He suddenly wanted to play the character Robin in Batman, portrayed as bisexual. 

Generally, straight celebrities don’t show interest in playing gay, bi, or queer characters on their own. But Buchanan did. Hence, now different rumors are swirling online about Tanner’s sexuality. 

According to people’s opinion, he is closeted and so wants to come out by playing a bisexual character. But the actor didn’t confirm anything like this.

Tanner Buchanan Likes to Avoid Sexuality Questions

Do you know what makes his fans think he could be closeted gay or bisexual? It’s his silence on his sexuality label. Every celebrity is asked whether they are gay or not, but most of them skip the query. Tanner does the same. 

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“Fuller House” actor questions online and offline regarding his personal things but skipped the one that requires him to reveal his sexual label. Still, many sources are trying to get an answer to this from him. Until he doesn’t open his mouth, we have to believe Tanner Buchanan’s sexuality is straight. 

Tanner And His Closeness With Women

Although the “He’s All That” actor disappointed his fans by not sharing his sexual orientation, he never hid his closeness with women. His close images helped his fans assume that he is currently dating Mary Mouser. 

She and Tanner are both cast members of “Cobra Kai” Netflix series. On 8th December 2022, Buchanan uploaded a couple of images with Marry. Those images give complete couple vibes. Many have commented on the post asking if the duo is dating. 

An Instagram user @muhrissuhhh commented, “are you guys dating?” Another user keenefilms replied, “they probably are, cause they’re always together. they once wore matching couple shirts and they match 24/7 so they most likely are in a secret relationship.” 

Mary Mouser also mentioned him in another post on 28th August 2021, where she said that she loves Tanner. She wrote, “I love you, @tannerbuchananofficial, for putting up with my antics. And honestly, you usually just match my antics with your own 😂 so thanks for that too.” 

His lifestyle suggests us to consider him as heterosexual and not homosexual. He is most probably in a deep relationship with Mouser but they may be they will reveal it later or keep it a secret forever. 

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Final Words

Tanner Buchanan plays an essential role in the “Cobra Kai.” He made many fans crazy that they love real-life Tanner more than Robby of the mentioned series. He has many girl fans. 

Their common question is related to his sexuality. Even though he kept it to himself, verified sources have assumed that Tanner Buchanan is not bisexual or gay. 

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