Is Willem Dafoe Gay or Bi? What’s His Actual Sexuality?

Did you see the film Pasolini or The Boondock Saints? If yes, you must have wondered whether Willem Dafoe is gay or bi. We have done some in-depth research on him and his private life. 

Willem Dafoe with his wife Giada Colagrande. And his married life proves that he isn't gay or bisexual.
Willem Dafoe and Giada Colagrande by Martin Kraft licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

We found some facts that helped us understand Willem Dafoe’s authentic sexuality. This article will reveal everything regarding it. So keep reading till the end. 

Did Willem Dafoe Come Out as Gay Portraying Gay Character Twice? 

Willem Dafoe had played gay characters in his life not just once but twice. His first gay role was in the film ‘The Boondock Saints.’ The movie was released in 1999 and was a box office hit. Its IMDB rate is 7.7, which shows how good the film’s story is. Willem played as Paul Smecker. His character was gay. 

The second movie where he appeared as gay is the film ‘Pasolini.’ The movie story is about an Italian writer and film director. He is known as Pier Paolo Pasolini.

It’s about how his dead body was discovered on 3rd November 1975 on an Ostia beach. He was an openly gay personality. This also got many people’s attention. 

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But what caught more attention was Willem’s sexuality. A question popped into the audience’s minds “is Willem Dafoe gay? If he isn’t, then why did he act as gay twice?”

It’s normal for us to think like this, but we must not forget that several straight actors and actresses have played gay and lesbian characters. 

None of them thought about gender labels but the story of the film. So Willem, too, didn’t come out by playing gay characters.

He just did his job as an actor. Although the ‘American Psycho’ actor was requested several times to address gay rumors, he didn’t; his dating timeline, marriage life, and biological child are enough evidence of Willem Dafoe’s straight sexuality. 

Willem Dafoe’s Gay Roles

Movie NameGay Role NameMovie Release DateMovie DurationMovie IMDB Rating
The Boondock SaintsPaul Smecker19991 hour 48 minutes7.7/10
PasoliniPier Paolo Pasolini20141 hour 27 minutes5.9/10

Willem Dafoe Is Straight: Here’s the Evidence

Willem Dafoe doesn’t have to address any gay rumors because his love life is enough evidence of him being heterosexual. He was in a long-term affair with Elizabeth LeCompte. She is a director, and her nationality is American. The duo met in the 1970s and began dating in 1977. 

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There needs to be more brief information about their relationship. They never married but lived together. After five years of living together, the couple became parents of their son Jack Dafoe in 1982.

Until 2004 they were a strong couple, but in the mentioned year, Elizabeth and Willem split. His fans believe that he went into a new relationship with Giada Colagrande. 

The following year, he married Giada, a film director from Italy, and since then, they have been married couples. The duo has no children.

His long-term relations have cleared the fact that Willem Dafoe isn’t gay. He is also not bisexual because he has no romantic relationships with any guy. 

So don’t trust people trying to promote him as gay by voting systems on various websites. 

Final Words 

Willem Dafoe is an excellent actor. He achieved success in the entertainment industry so quickly. But he became famous worldwide by playing the evil character in the ‘Spider-Man’ film. 

He also played gay roles in two popular movies, which made people curious about his sexuality. Since he kept silent, the media had to dig into his love involvement. It was discovered that he never had romantic involvements with men. 

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Currently, he is married to an Italian lady director. Willem is also a father of a son who is over 40 years old. So there’s no doubt that he is straight. 

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