Is Kirk Hammett Gay or Bi? His Sexuality Revealed

Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist of the Metallica band. He also writes songs for the group. This band is a result of Kirk’s hard work. This band has been dominating the music industry for decades. 

A close look at Kirk Hammett's gay rumors and sexuality.
Kirk Hammett by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Hence, you will always find a strong bond between the group members. But sometimes, brotherhood can put a star in issues like raising questions about his sexuality. Is Kirk Hammett gay? Let’s discover. 

Out of Curiosity, People Often Ask if Kirk Hammett is Gay. 

Kirk Hammett did nothing too suspicious to be gay in his entire career. As the songwriter and Lead Guitarist of the band ‘Metallica,’ he took intimate images with other male band members. However, those photos will only show you, brotherly love. 

So then, why does the question come whether Kirk Hammett is gay? It’s because of curiosity. Every celebrity is asked about their sexuality, and the question is, “is he gay?” Hence, it’s not like Kirk Hammett is gay, so people are asking more. They are only eager to see evidence of him being straight. 

Kirk Hammett’s Marriages Helped Assume He is Straight

No one should doubt Hammett’s sexuality after learning that he had one ex-wife and now has another wife. No gay man can marry a female. Even if they get married, it doesn’t last more than months. 

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Kirk Hammett decided to marry for the first time in 1987. He married his then-girlfriend, Rebecca. But it was unfortunate that their marriage couldn’t last more than three years. In 1990 they split. Kirk got busy recording Metallica. 

His second wife is Lani. They were an item before tying the knot. In 1998 Hammett informed the media about his second marriage with Lani. Since then, they have been living as a strong couple. Together they tasted parenthood twice. 

Both of the couple’s children are sons. Their first son was welcomed on 29th September 2006. He is given the name Angel. Their second son was born on 28th June 2008, Vincenzo. Clearly, a celebrity with two biological children can never be homosexual. 

Final Words

Many band guitarists and singers like Kirk Hammett are doubted to be gay. It’s because they have a bromance with their fellow artists. 

A minority of people spread it negatively, for which famous personalities like Kirk Hammett are considered gay. However, this thought is valueless because there’s no proof of him being homosexual. 

Instead, there is evidence that Kirk Hammett is heterosexual. He has two biological sons and is married to a beautiful woman named Lani. 

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Their romance and strong bond of love are enough to remove any doubts about his sexual label.

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