Is Young Thug Gay or Bi? Why is His Sexuality Doubted? 

Want to know whether Young Thug is gay, bisexual, or straight? Many like you are confused about the star’s sexuality because he doesn’t share his sexual label with fans. Also, he is neutral to followers’ speculations about his sexual orientation. 

A close look at Young Thug's sexual orientation.
Young Thug by Frank Schwichtenberg licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

His neutral response made more people doubt and think he might be gay or bisexual. However, no one should assume a celebrity’s sexual orientation before knowing his personal life well. It needs a lot of research on their lives. 

We have researched Young Thug’s private life and got answers for you. We have obtained your coverage if you want to know who they have been dating or how they express their sexual desires. So, let’s learn Young Thug’s label of sexuality. 

Young Thug Laughed At His Gay Rumors

The “Check” singer Young Thug has been thought of as gay for a pretty long time. He kept quiet about the rumors till he was interviewed and asked if Young Thug was gay. He laughed at the interviewer while expressing he is not gay. 

It’s common for rappers and singers to hear such rumors about them. Some often leave comments like “You Gay” on their songs posted on YouTube. Thug hence took such comments as sarcasm. 

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But he also responded to the made-up gossip and said, “People say, ‘gay’ but ni*ga but ni*ga,” he then paused for a while and said, “So it’s like if people think that I’m gay, they already misjudged. I’m the straightest man in the world. I hate guys.” [YouTube]

Young Thug Also Hinted That He is Not Bisexual

Young Thug was not annoyed with gay gossip only but also bisexual rumors. According to some of his haters, the rapper is surrounded by men and women in his official rap videos. He then might be bisexual and have an interest in both the s*x. 

However, Jeffrey Lamar Williams, aka Young Thug, hinted he is not bisexual. In the same interview, we talked about earlier. He also said, “Fu*k are you talking about? I’m not even having a threesome with no nig*a.” He kept no more room for us to doubt his sexuality. 

Besides, he has a massive list of girlfriends. However, the highlighted relationships were with two women. His first girlfriend, with whom he went into a public relationship, was Amy Luciani. It’s not known for how long they dated. The couple suddenly began to date, and all of a sudden stopped hanging out. 

His second girlfriend was Jerrika Karlae. The duo got engaged in 2015, but in 2017 they split without notifying their fans. Later, people assumed they were no longer dating.

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Currently, Young Thug’s possible girlfriend is Mariah The Scientist. Young Thug recently posted an image of her on Twitter which fueled his dating rumor about her.

Final Words

Young Thug is engaged to his possible girlfriend Mariah. As we went through his dating life, it helped us understand Young Thug’s interests are only in women. 

Besides, he finally said by himself that he is the straightest guy on the planet since he hates men. After he admitted himself as straight, we should no more keep doubts about his sexual label.

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