Unpacking The Debate: was David Bowie Gay or Bisexual?

The U.K. pop star David Bowie is a confusing name regarding his sexuality. He once claimed himself as gay but later changed his statement and became bisexual. 

What was David Bowie's sexuality? was he gay, bi, or straight?
David Bowie by Photobra|Adam Bielawski licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

But whether David Bowie was gay or bi is still a matter of debate. We have examined his life in depth and found his actual sexual orientation. 

There have been many articles where you will not find verified information, but we have watched his interviews and heard what he said. So let’s disclose his sexual orientation by knowing what he said about his sexuality to the media. 

David Bowie Said, “I am Gay” 

David Bowie came out of the closet long ago. After getting a quick response from the audience in the 1970s about his music, the English singer came out when he got the right opportunity. 

In 1972 he officially announced to be gay. His followers were shocked to know his true sexuality because they knew his sexuality was something else. The singer said, “I am gay and always have been, even when I was David Jones.” 

David Bowie Later Came Out As Bisexual 

Before becoming bisexual, David introduced himself as homosexual in the 1970s. He hid the fact that his sexuality is bi for a purpose.

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Maybe he wanted to save himself from controversy since people used to mock bisexual men and women back then, and they were not accepted by society. 

He never disclosed the reason for keeping the secret for so long. However, in an interview, he admitted that he was bisexual. 

When the interviewer asked, “He and she are the ones you have loved in your time, haven’t you?”

David Bowie then replied, “So, you’ve read?” The questioner answered, “No, I’ve only heard, but it was true that you’ve have been asked the question whether you’re bisexual or not?” Bowie responded, saying, “Too many times.”

The host added, “Yes, and you’ve never quite answered.” David replied, “Oh I have, I said that I was bisexual.”  [YouTube]

It’s unknown why David introduced himself as gay in the first place. Maybe he was confused about his sexuality but later understood he was bisexual since he married two women and became a father. He never married a guy but admitted to having loved same-s*x people. 

Final Words

To Bowie’s statement, he was bisexual. We know it’s hard to believe it since he was not reported to have an affair with men. He was only rumored to have boyfriends: the singer dated and married women. 

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Maybe he had a boyfriend but didn’t share information about him to keep him safe from the media and society’s judgments. Whatever it is, he admitted himself as bisexual, so this is his actual sexual orientation.


Was Bianca Jagger in a relationship with David Bowie? 

Bianca Jagger was in a short-time relationship with David Bowie. She was an actress but later became an advocate of social and human rights. They dated for a few months in 1983 and broke up in the same year. 

Who was David Bowie’s first girlfriend? 

David Bowie’s first wife was his first girlfriend, as reported. In the previous year of their marriage, the duo met in London. She was only 19 then. Both were Calvin Mark Lee’s friends and through him, they met. 

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