Is Carrot Top Gay, Bi, or Straight? His Sexuality and Dating Life

Carrot Top supporters have been speculating whether he is gay, bi, or straight since he began to achieve fame as a prop comedian.

Carrot Top with his long-time girlfriend Amanda Hogan. His relationship proves that he's not gay or bisexual.
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The Carrot was known as a straight man; however, some think he is gay based on his appearance. The famous comedian endured many criticisms for doing gay stuff and wearing rainbow attires. 

Before he spoke about his sexuality in some interviews, his few followers guessed his sexual orientation and hinted at him as gay.

However, his die-hard supporters couldn’t trust rumors because the comedian once laughed at those false comments. He tries to present himself as a straight person, yet is hurt how people judge him by what he wears. 

So what’s the story behind responding to gay rumors so late? Also, is he single or dating anyone? Find the answers by reading ahead. 

Carrot Top’s Real Name Sparked Gay Rumors

If you have known Carrot Top for a long, you already know his real name is Scott Thompson. While he is not the only comedian out there known as ‘Scott Thompson, there is actually a gay comedian with the same name. 

Not only are their names, but the occupations are the same. This is where most of Carrot’s fans get confused and think him gay. Although Wikipedia has mentioned which person it has written about, it is so tiny that you will not quickly notice it on the site. 

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Our favourite Scott Thompson, aka Carrot Top, is not homosexual. He is only misunderstood. The media asked him about his sexuality several times, whether he was gay, and the comedian replied, “I make fun of the fact that we care so much about the gay stuff. We spend months on that instead of going after real issues that could be of importance.” 

If he were gay, he wouldn’t answer the question in a puzzled way. Since he is not homosexual, Thompson enjoys watching people trying hard to know something that is unimportant, according to him. 

Carrot Top’s Sexuality is Not Bisexual

Carrot Top has been drastically changed. His present appearance matches 80% of a gay male. His red-colored long and curly hair, wearing eyeliner, gives gay vibes. While Carrot Top is dating a woman, some also say he dated men in his past. So he might be bisexual. 

But Thompson is, of course, not bisexual. As many confuse him with the gay comedian Scott Thompson, numerous people thought Carrot had a boyfriend. In reality, he only dates women and has never declared himself bi. 

Carrot Top’s Sexuality is Straight

Scott is straight. Although his appearance is not manly, he is dating a lady as a usual straight guy. He has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Amanda Hogan since 2015. It’s been seven years since the duo has been in love. Although there is an age gap of 18 years, the couple understands one another well enough. 

They are not married or engaged but are in an open relationship. While Carrot Top mentions her in his Twitter posts, Amanda Hogan adds pictures of the duo on her official Instagram account.

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The happy couple is trying to keep their love life private for personal reasons. But one thing is for sure; they are not only good lovers but friends. 

Final Words

Scott Thompson, aka Carrot Top, is not gay. He is straight and was in a relationship with a woman for six years. The singer’s sexuality was hugely misjudged as he dressed in colorful clothes.

Moreover, another gay actor has the same name as him, so he was considered gay. But he no longer cares for people’s comments because he knows his sexuality well.


Is Carrot Top an LGBTQ ally? 

Carrot Top is often seen wearing costumes that have rainbow colors. Also, he puts on a little highlighted make-up like eyeliners and keeps long hair. 

His appearance hints that he is either gay or an LGBTQ ally. But he denied being gay and never confirmed to be related to the gay community as per the reports. 

Is Scott Thompsons gay?

There are two Scott Thompsons. One is an actor, and another is a comedian. Carrot Top, a professional comedian, is straight, but his real name is Scott Thompson, the same name as a gay actor. Carrot Top hence has to tolerate all the gay rumors about him. 

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