Was Patrick Swayze Gay? A Brief Details About His Sexuality

Patrick Swayze was a multi-talented star. He achieved fame through acting and singing. It was a known fact that Patrick was married to a lady, yet some fans are confused about his sexual label. 

Patrick Swayze by Alan Light licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s because of false information. A prominent pornstar made false claims that made Patrick Swayze’s fans think he was gay. Want to know the whole story and his sexuality? Then read out the entire article. 

According to a Brazilian Pornstar Patrick Swayze Was Gay 

After Patrick Swayze’s death, people forgot to ask about his sexuality. Every fan of his only remembered mourning for him. But since 2018, Patrick Swayze’s sexuality has become a matter of discussion after a Brazilian male pornstar claimed to have had s*x with the actor. 

In 2018 he gave a brief interview to Marc MacNamara and told him that he and Swayze had physical intimacy.

The pornstar Rafael Alencar said, “I can tell the dead ones because they can’t sue me. The famous people, the singers and actors, they, you know, are gay. They called me. But not because they want me.” They cannot be seen in public; they can’t go to bars or restaurants. They can’t go on hookup apps.”

However, he didn’t mention the actor and singers’ names directly. Besides, he had no evidence to show. Hence it’s still an allegation and not a fact. We can’t assume the ‘Road House’ actor’s sexuality label depending on an allegation. 

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What Did Patrick Swayze Say About His Sexual Orientation? 

There would no longer be confusion if Patrick Swayze had opened up about gay rumors when he was alive. Unfortunately, he kept avoiding answering sexual orientation-related queries. 

However, it’s necessary to understand that the ‘Dirty Dancing’ actor never came out as homosexual or bisexual. Without his declaration, no one has the right to think of or promote him as queer. Since Patrick Swayze died without coming out, we should believe that he was straight. 

Patrick Swayze Lived His Entire Life With His Only Wife, Lisa Niemi

We don’t have a valid reason to consider the ‘Point Break’ as homosexual but we do have a valid reason to consider him heterosexual. 

Patrick was married to his only girlfriend, Lisa Niemi, for 34 years. They were a strong pair, and Lisa was with her husband till his last breath. 

The pair got married in 1975. Although they didn’t taste parenthood, it didn’t make them fight or split. The duo ensured a long-term celebrity married life that most celebrity couples couldn’t make happen. 

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Patrick Swayze’s loyalty towards his only wife and their chemistry is enough to prove that Patrick Swayze was a straight man and not gay. 

Final Words

Patrick Swayze was a handsome hunk when he entered the film industry. His acting skills and attractive appearance made women get a crush on him instantly. 

He had many chances to make several girlfriends but never cheated on his wife, Lisa Niemi. He lived with her and provided love till his very end of life. Patrick Swayze’s love for Lisa proves he is straight. 

Although a gay pornstar tried his best to ruin Patrick’s reputation a few years back, we checked all the facts and discovered that it was nothing but a made-up story. He couldn’t show evidence of what he said about the ‘The Outsiders’ actor.

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