Is Raymond Arroyo Gay? A Close Look at His Sexuality

The American author Raymond Arroyo has written a lot of books. He is an excellent writer. He is also a great journalist. He is famous enough, but still, some people get to know him daily. 

Raymond Arroyo with his wife Rebecca Arroyo. His married life proves that he's not gay.
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Most of his newbie fans’ questions are related to his sexuality and other personal stuff. This article will reveal his sexual orientation. So let’s start discovering his sexuality.  

Raymond Arroyo Keeps His Sexuality a Secret

Raymond Arroyo is a private person regarding his personal life. He is a famous writer but never shared his sexual orientation through his writings or didn’t give an interview on it. 

Usually, stars who keep their sexual label under wraps are doubted. Raymond Arroyo is also questioned. But we believe him to be not gay. The Relic of Perilous Falls writer’s married life is enough to clear all confusion about his sexuality. 

Since he is married and has children, it’s natural for him to think there is no need to disclose himself as straight. If Raymond Arroyo weren’t straight, he wouldn’t be with the same woman for years. It’s understandable; Raymond Arroyo is a straight man and a loyal husband. 

Raymond Arroyo is Happily Married Life With Rebecca Arroyo 

Rebecca Arroyo and Raymond have been married since 1993. They are living in New Orleans at present. They have been an intense couple since they tied the knot. The duo has three children together. 

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He has a daughter and two sons with Rebecca. They seem to be in extreme love and never forget to celebrate their anniversary. In November 2022, Arroyo posted a picture of him with his wife wishing her a happy anniversary. 

He wrote, “A Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, my one and only, Rebecca! We are still here with three kids, multiple states, and a few hurricanes. Through it all, you have remained the breathtaking heart of our family. Love you now more than ever. 💞”

Raymond ensured to keep his children away from the limelight and didn’t share their names or other information. He shares his wife’s picture on his social media accounts but never mentions her social media id. Hence it’s clear that Raymond Arroyo is not gay. He has always been a happily married straight guy. 

Final Words

Raymond Arroyo is a successful journalist, author, and producer. He is also successful with his love life. Rebecca and Arroyo are a pair. Their Romance and strong bond are considered a couple’s goals to his fans. He is often misunderstood as gay for no good reason, but his long time marriage life tells us how straight he is.

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