Is Mike Posner Gay or Bisexual? Did He Come Out?

Mike Posner has been confusing his fans for a long time regarding his sexual orientation. Sometimes he seems straight, and other times he gives gay vibes. But since 2017, followers think he might be bisexual and are trying to come out of the closet. 

Mike Posner with Blackbear and they are both involved in gay rumors.
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The controversy started after he released a poem with Blackbear. They became a hip-hop duo and named the album Mansionz where a poem hinted at his bisexual sexuality. 

They even opened an Instagram account with the album’s name and uploaded several pictures that gave complete gay vibes. So what’s the truth behind all this? Here’s Mike Posner’s actual sexual orientation. 

Mike Posner Said He Wants To Have S*x With Men and Women in His Poem 

Mike Posner is a spectacular singer, but few people know he is also a poet and does poetry amazingly. In 2017 he released an album of his poems. It had this one poem that created all confusion about his sexuality. The Poem’s title is “A Song With Pitbull.” In it, Mike wrote, I want to have s*x with men and women I haven’t met yet.” 

This led many of his fans to believe he came out as bisexual. Later both the media and fans tried to confirm that he was bisexual, but he kept avoiding questions. It seems the singer is not ready to share his sexual orientation publicly. 

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Although in Poem he admitted to having a physical attraction to both s*x people, without his declaration, we can’t consider him a bi. He might have just added that line to make bisexual people love and understand the Poem. 

Mike Posner was Also Misunderstood as Gay a Few Times

The singer of “Cooler Than Me” was also misunderstood as gay a few times for wearing a ladies’ dress. He also had his hair dyed green. He wore an earring in his left ear. He was looking like gay men do. 

Besides, on 24th March 2017, he posted a picture of him and Blackbear. They were naked and close. This made many think he was homosexual and had an affair with Blackbear. But none of the singers have confirmed anything like that. 

Besides, it seems Blackbear is not gay or bisexual but supports LGBTQ people. Because on 28th June 2015, he wrote on his Twitter, “gay pride my roommates gay and I fully support his gay a*s.” It seems both Mike Posner and Blackbear are neither gay nor bisexual. However, they are strong supporters of LGBT. 

Final Words

Mike Posner has always kept quiet about his sexuality in front of the media. According to some, his A Song With Pitbull poem hinted at his sexual label as bisexual. But Mike never confirmed it. 

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Without a celebrity’s confirmation, no one can say if they have come out. Besides, the actor had past relationships with ladies only. Hence until Mike Posner verifies his sexual orientation as bi, we must consider him straight.

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