Is Justin Bieber Gay or Bi? How did The Gay Rumor Start?

Is Justin Bieber gay? This has been a burning question every year after an unacceptable incident happened.

How Justin Bieber faced his gay rumors.
Justin Bieber by Lou Stejskal licensed under CC BY 2.0

Although it’s nothing new to see Justin haters portraying him as gay to the world, what if a world-famous news magazine claims the same thing? 

Of course, 80% of Bieber supporters would believe it. Well, this actually happened in reality. Although long ago, it still has the impacts left.

Here’s the entire story of how Justin Bieber was misunderstood as gay and the truth about his accurate sexual label. 

How Just Bieber Gay News Spread? 

Back in 2013, E! Online shared two shocking news with people. Both news made Justin’s fans panic. The first news was about Bieber coming out as gay. It said, “Exclusive: Justin Bieber to E! Online: I’m gay” 

After a few minutes, it posted another use stating, “Exclusive: Selena Gomez tells E! She will fully support Justin in his coming out”, and yes, there were false claims inside. Immediately it fired up the internet, and E! Online had to disclose the absolute truth soon. 

Well, of course, the news was fake, and it wasn’t E! Online posting them but a hacker. The Syrian Electronic Army hacked the Twitter page of the news media. This group of hackers hacked many other world-famous pages and spread the wrong news. 

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This is how the rumors about the ‘Boyfriend’ singer’s sexuality spread. But hey! Justin still stayed silent on this. So what’s the truth anyway? Well, let’s see if he ever dated a guy because if he didn’t, he is definitely straight. 

Justin Bieber is Straight Since He Was Only Romantically Involved with Women

Justin Bieber is straight, and there’s no doubt about this. All his open dates with famous ladies, especially Selena Gomez, tell it all. 

Here’s a list of famous Justin Bieber girlfriends, and oh! We must mention that there’s no record of his affair with any same-sex person. 

Caitlin Beadles

The first time Justin openly dated an Instagram influencer named Caitlin Beadles. Their affair was a short-term one. They were romantically linked in 2009 and broke up in the same year.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was the most prolonged affair of Justin Bieber. Everyone believed that the couple would get married and have kids. But the pair broke 8 years of love in 2018. Their romance began in 2010. It was an on-and-off relationship. 

But Selena Gomez had to split from Bieber to live a different lifestyle. While Selena is more focused on simplicity, Justin is more fun-loving. So for Selena’s peace of mind, the couple officially broke up in 2018. 

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Kendall Jenner

In 2015 Selena and Justin were only an item for a short time. We discovered that the ‘Love Me’ singer was dating Kendall Jenner. He even posted romantic pictures of the duo on his official Instagram. 

Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie and Justin Bieber publicly dated in 2016. They travelled to Mexico and Japan together. Sadly the pair ended things soon. 

Hailey Baldwin

The famous singer finally tied the knot with model Hailey. The pair’s affair first began in 2014. They broke up and patched up several times. Right after breaking up with Selena, Justin married his current wife, Hailey Baldwin.

Justin Bieber dated many other models and actresses, but it will take hours if we start to discuss them all. So a guy with so many women in life can never be gay. 

Final Words

Justin Bieber is the name of nostalgia because his songs will remind you of your calm days. He is the global favorite for several reasons. 

Sadly for some hackers, Justin had to go through controversies. While not gay in real life, he was misunderstood as one. 

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But now that you know the truth make sure to share it with your friends, especially with people who still think Justin Bieber could be the opposite of straight.

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