Is Dave Navarro Gay or Bi? What did He say About His Sexuality?

What’s the weirdest thing you think? Of course, when a person is gay but looks like a straight person or a gay person looks like a straight one. Appearance can lead us to many confusions regarding a person’s sexuality. 

The unknown facts about Dave Navarro's sexuality.
Dave Navarro by Claire CJS licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Do you know that a lot of people think that Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro is believed to be gay just because he appears to be that? If you, too, have doubts about his sexual label after seeing his pictures, read the entire article. Surprises are waiting for you. 

Dave Navarro Is Thought to be Gay for His Womanly Appearance

What’s the first thing that makes a person look gay? Of course, their appearances. Many heterosexual celebrities were misunderstood as gay for wearing womanly clothes, putting on makeup, or both. 

If one doesn’t know much about Dave Navarro’s private life, one will get confused with his sexual orientation as he appears more feminine than masculine. Dave Navarro’s pumped lips, long hair, and using eye pencils make him look like a usual gay man. 

But you will be surprised to know that Dave Navarro is neither gay nor bi but straight. He has always been romantically linked with ladies. If you learn about his wives and girlfriends, you will no longer have doubts about his sexual label. 

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Dave Navarro Married Thrice and Got Engaged Once

In his entire life until now, Dave Navarro was romantically involved with various prominent women. He had three wives and got divorced from all of them. This could be another reason for misunderstanding him. Here are the details of his wife and girlfriend. 

Tania Goddard-Saylor 

Tania Goddard-Saylor is famous as a makeup artist. She is the first wife of guitarist Dave Navarro. The pair were in a relationship first. They got married in 1990. Their marriage lasted for two years, and they split in 1992. 

Rhian Gittins 

Dave then had an affair with Rhian Gittins. The pair decided to get married soon and made it happen in 1994. Sadly, their marriage wasn’t considered legal. Hence within five days of their wedding, the pair had to split. 

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra, another beautiful lady who was Navarro’s wife, had a four-year marriage with the guitarist. They got married in 2003 and ended everything between them in 2007. 

Vanessa DuBasso 

Currently, Dave Navarro is engaged to Vanessa DuBasso. She is an actress and model. Her Instagram is full of her and Dave’s romantic pictures. She is in deep love with him. In early February, she wrote about Dave,

“I have overcome my deepest insecurities, fears, and shadows with you. Learned empathy like never before. Awakened desires in the purest form. 

Miraculous changes on both our parts & I’m so proud of our little held souls. You are magic to me. My twin flame. New found staggering power that was in us the entire time. ❤️‍🔥”

In May 2022, the pair got engaged, and now they are happily living. 

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Final Words 

A group of people has been really confused about Dave Navarro’s sexual label. The first impression of Dave will make anyone think he is gay. 

However, Dave Navarro is heterosexual. He has always shown interest in opposite-sex people. That’s enough to make us understand the truth.

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