Is Austin Butler Gay? Exposing His Sexual Orientation

No one can deny that Austin Butler is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood if they watch him portraying Elvis Presley in the film ‘Elvis.’ Elvis Presley was a famous singer and was rumored to be gay. 

Everything about Austin Butler's sexuality. Is he gay or straight?
Austin Butler by Eva Rinaldi licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Hence, Austin’s sexuality has also become a doubtful matter. So, what’s Austin Butler’s actual sexual orientation? We’ve analyzed his personal life and discovered he is straight. Here’s everything you need to learn. 

Austin Butler’s Sexuality is Misunderstood as Gay

Actor Austin Butler is misunderstood as gay. Some fans think he is not straight because he doesn’t discuss his sexual label with the public.

For not sharing their sexual label with supporters, every actor and actress’s sexual orientation is misunderstood. But not speaking of one’s sexuality doesn’t change the fact that they are heterosexual.

Besides, stars of other sexual orientations than straight come out of the closet and share the truth. If Austin Butler were gay, he would have already told the media about it. 

Here’s How We Know About Austin Butler’s Sexuality

The American actor Austin Butler is straight, and his relationship timeline is the proof. He has openly dated women, so there’s no room for anyone to think he could be gay. Let’s learn about the ladies that Austin Butler has publicly dated or dated. 

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Vanessa Hudgens

In 2011 Austin Butler entered a relationship with his High School Musical cast member Vanessa Hudgens.

In the beginning, the pair kept it a secret, but when the media and fans assumed, they made it official. They were an item for nine years and finally split in 2020. 

Kaia Gerber 

After breaking up with ex-girlfriend Vanessa, Austin started his public affair with Kaia Geber. She is the daughter of Cindy Crawford, who was a supermodel. Daughter Kaia has also picked modeling as her profession. Butler and Gerber began dating in 2021. 

Final Words 

The American actor Austin Butler doesn’t speak about sexuality openly. But that doesn’t make him gay. He has constantly proved that he is straight by sharing his relationship updates with people. 

Austin Butler has openly dated two beautiful ladies. One is a prominent actress, Vanessa Hudgens, and another is a famous model, Kaia Geber. It’s been two years since Austin and Kaia were a couple.

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