Is Meg Ryan Gay? What’s the Top Gun Actress’s Sexuality?

Did you ever feel like Meg Ryan looked so cool with that blonde hair, significantly when her hair was cut short? You may have also noticed that in her short-haired films, Meg Ryan played lesbian roles. 

A close look at Meg Ryan's sexuality. Lt's see.
Meg Ryan by Pierre Omidyar licensed under CC BY 2.5

If you’re curious to learn how many gay roles Meg Ryan has played and if she portrayed her authentic life self, then we have something exciting for you. Here’s everything in detail about Meg Ryan’s gay movies and her actual sexuality. 

Meg Ryan Played Gay Roles in Several Movies

Meg Ryan was a gorgeous actress who would look super pretty playing any character. With short, medium, or long hair, she always won the hearts of both straight and gay people. 

Since she was a versatile actress, Meg played lesbian roles in two particular movies. In another film, her appearance was like a lesbian but not a character. Among those films, ‘French Kiss’ was a blockbuster. 

Ryan’s fans apparently thought she was gay. But those are movies, and she didn’t come out in real life. Hence, we can’t consider the ‘Flesh and Bone’ actress homosexual. 

Meg Ryan’s Lesbian Movies 

Here’s a list of movies in which Meg Ryan played gay roles; in one of them, her appearance was like a lesbian. 

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Movie Name Role PlayedReleased YearDurationIMDB Rating
French KissKate19951 hour 55 minutes6.6/10
HurlyburlyBonnie19982 hours 2 minutes5.8/10
Addicted to LoveMaggie19971 hour 41 minutes6.1/10

Meg Ryan’s Married Life 

Since Meg Ryan remained silent on her sexuality, there’s only one way to find out the answer to your question, her married life. Was she married to a man or a woman? It will help us understand whether she is gay or straight. 

Meg Ryan was married only once. She really loved her husband, Dennis Quaid. The couple met before, and their affair started long before the pair married in 1991. But her affair with Russell Crowe in 2000 made her Quaid end up getting divorced in 2001. 

The couple was lucky enough to become parents of a child, Jack Quaid. He was born after a year of his parent’s marriage in 1992. Jack Quaid is now a prominent actor and is over 30 years old. 

She also has another child, a daughter. But it’s not her child. The actress adopted her daughter Daisy True in 2006 from China. 

Meg Ryan’s Engagement

The Top Gun actress was married once and also engaged once. She found love in her life once again after meeting with John Mellencamp. They made their affair official in 2010. The pair’s love journey lasted for 4 years. Unfortunately, they split in 2014. 

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But it was just a break of years because Ryan and John again patched up in 2017. They were severe enough and got engaged on 8th November 2018. But once again, the pair called it quits in October 2019. It was Meg who broke up with Mellencamp. 

With a male-oriented love life, Meg Ryan can be anything but gay. Her sexuality is straight. 

Final Words

Meg Ryan was a diva in 1990s to 2000s films. She was so talented that directors offered her to play versatile characters from comedy movies like ‘French Kiss’ to action films like ‘Top Gun.’ Meg also acted in gay roles. 

She acted as a lesbian so well that her supporters got confused about her sexuality. Meg Ryan’s sexual orientation is straight. She was married and engaged to famous male personalities and has a biological child.

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