Is Pedro Pascal Gay? Does He Have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal was welcomed to the land of Chile. However, he became famous as an American actor. Pedro did several hit movies, including The Last of Us, Narcos, and The Mandalorian. 

Why Pedro Pascal's sexuality is being doubted? Is he gay or straight?
Pedro Pascal by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Many fans think Pascal could be gay. It’s because he can be seen in a queer film named, ‘Strange Way of Life’ and his job. The actor is an advocate of LGBTQ. 

Why did he pick this job? Is Pedro Pascal gay? Here’s the answer that will reveal his real sexual label. So keep on reading to know more interesting facts than just his sexuality. 

Is LGBTQ+ Advocate Pedro Pascal Gay? 

No Pedro Pascal fans can doubt him as gay unless they discover he is an LGBTQ advocate. Yes, you heard that right. Pedro Pascal is a legal advocate for LGBTQ people. He has helped many people to come out of their closets, including her sister. 

He has been very supportive. He helped people who were not straight and were afraid to come out to the world. Pedro has recently helped actress Bella Ramsey to come out as non-binary. 

In February 2023, Bella Ramsey informed the media that the actress is non-binary and also mentioned that Pedro Pascal had supported her throughout her coming out journey. 

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Pedro Pascal’s job created scope for people to misunderstand his sexual orientation. If we carefully listen to what Pedro’s transgender sister said about him, we can understand the truth. 

Pedro Pascal’s trans sister Lux Pascal said about him, “He has been an important part of this. He is also an artist and has been a guide. He was one of the first to give me the things that formed my identity.” 

It means Pedro Pascal is not gay, bi, or queer. He is straight but knows how to guide queer people to develop their identity as who they want to be.

Besides, an LGBTQ advocate has the power to come out at any time. Pedro Pascal didn’t recognize himself as gay. Hence he is straight. 

Pedro Pascal Has Only Dated Ladies 

Pedro Pascal has always made sure to hide his affairs from the media. But he wasn’t completely famous. He was eventually spotted dating two prominent ladies, Lena Headey, and Robin Tunney. 

But Pascal’s ex, Lena, has made things clearer by uploading a romantic image of them on her official Instagram. Sadly it’s hard to know the right time when the duo became a couple and broke up. 

But their picture remains online. Pedro Pascal’s name was romantically involved with many other celebrity women, but he never verified the news of dating. 

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He is now single, according to most sources, but one thing is for sure, Pedro Pascal never had a male boyfriend because he is straight. 

Final Words 

Actor Pedro Pascal has been working for LGBTQ people for years. He is dedicated to helping them come out to society and get acceptance. 

For all these years, his love and dedication towards LGBTQ people have portrayed him as gay to several of his supporters. 

But you should know that he only helped others come out, but he has never come out. Pedro Pascal’s sexuality is heterosexual, and he is interested in women.

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