Are BLACKPINK Group Members Gay? Rumors Revealed

BLACKPINK has been dominating the global music industry for years. All the cute lady singers on the team have gathered millions of followers. 

Look at the four BLACKPINK band members' sexuality.
BLACKPINK by RAS 99 licensed under CC BY 3.0

Some fans are super crazy that they always look for BLACKPINK members’ private data. That includes information regarding their boyfriends and sexuality. 

There are rumors of them being gay and having a secret relationship with one another. Today we will see if there’s any proof of such claims and if the BLACKPINK group members are gay. 

So stay with us from the beginning to the end to learn the truth with facts. 

BLACKPINK Group Members Aren’t Gay, and Here’s Why 

Many die-hard BLACKPINK followers have been speculating about the sexuality of every band member. 

In most stage performances and their shared videos on social media, the singers have done a few things that made two of the group members seem gay, and the rest two seem straight. 

But the truth is none of the band members are gay. Every singer of BLACKPINK is straight; we understood this by analyzing their behavior. Here is why BLACKPINK singers are straight. 

Let’s go through their sexual orientation individually to learn if they are gay or straight. 

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Lisa Manobal

Let’s talk about the most famous member of BLACKPINK, Lisa Manobal. She gives the gayest wives in her group. She is often caught h*gging and ki*sing other girls on the team. Hence she is misunderstood as gay by most of her fans. 

But Lisa mentioned having an attraction toward women. But she did mention having an appeal toward men. She wants a man as her life partner and not a woman. So it’s clearly understandable that Lisa Manobal is not gay. 


Rosé is the lead dancer of BLACKPINK and is loved by millions of people across the world. Indeed, she sometimes gets excited while performing, and it doesn’t stop Lisa immediately from getting close to her. 

But this is the last thing we can count on for assuming her sexual label. It doesn’t mean that she is into Lisa or women. Rosé hasn’t confirmed her sexuality as gay or bisexual, so she is still considered straight. 


Jennie is not only straight but also savage. She ensures to hint to people that she is heterosexual by staying away from cringe moments like getting a h*g or ki*s from other girls. 

Besides, she has publicly dated Kai from Exo and V from BTS. She was spotted spending time with them several times. So Jennie is definitely not gay but straight. 

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The lead vocalist of BLACKPINK is Jisoo. She is considered to be the straightest of all the band members. It’s because she never does gayish stuff. 

She is always shy and panicked when others are trying to cuddle with her. She also openly shares her feelings. Jisoo’s attitude and behavior are enough to clarify that she is straight. 

Since it’s easy to understand that all BLACKPINK members are mainly interested in men and have lifestyles like other straight people, BLACKPINK group members aren’t gay. They are straight. 

Final Words

BTS, EXO, and BLACKPINK are three of Korea’s most influential music bands. While BTS and EXO consist of male singers, BLACKPINK is made by female singers. But why? Are BLACKPINK group members gay? 

No, they aren’t. There are various rumors about their romance and sexual label. According to stories, they are gay and like each other, but deep analysis says they are straight and are interested in men. Many people have been trying to ruin their reputations by spreading such lies.

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