What’s Lisa from BLACKPINK’s Sexuality? Is She Gay?

Lisa of the popular Korean music band BLACKPINK has made a vast fan base worldwide with her magical voice and beauty. 

What's Lisa from BLACKPINK's actual sexuality? Is she gay or straight?
Lisa and Rose by PUBG MOBILE:絕地求生M licensed under CC BY 3.0

But do you know that some people criticize your favorite singer? Who are they? They are none but some Lisa fans, and it’s because of her gay behavior. 

If you already know about this, you should be okay with them misunderstanding Lisa. But if you know what’s wrong, here’s everything you should check, including Lisa Manobal’s sexuality. 

According to Kpop Strict Rules, Lisa From BLACKPINK’s Sexuality is Assumed to be Straight

South Korea is a country where most people hate homosexuality. South Korean people don’t accept artists who are gay. Hence most k-pop organizations don’t allow their singers to reveal their sexuality. 

K-pop follows not only a beauty standard but also a personality standard. This is why most K-pop singers are prohibited from sharing their personal life, including romance and sexual orientation. 

Since Lisa Manobal from BLACKPINK is a K-pop singer, she cannot discuss her sexual label with the audience or media.

Therefore it’s unknown whether she is gay or not. But assumptions by trusted sources and fans Lisa from BLACKPINK is straight. 

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Lisa Showed Interest in Men 

Although BLACKPINK singer Lisa is not in any relationship, his preference for a life partner helps a lot to understand her sexual label. In an interview, the ‘Pink Venom’ singer revealed that he wants a life partner just like his stepdad. 

Since she talked about her stepfather, she meant a guy. If Lisa were gay or bisexual, she would have discussed having a partner like her mother. But instead, she preferred someone like his stepfather. 

She said she wants these attributes (older age, a cook, a pleasant character, and caring) in her life partner or boyfriend. Luckily she revealed her choice of men, which directs us to conclude that BLACKPINK member Lisa isn’t gay. 

Here’s Why Lisa Is Misunderstood as Gay or Bisexual to Some Fans 

The ‘Typa Girl’ singer has done many weird things for which some of her fans couldn’t help but think she is weak for women. Some of her fans even shared some proof of her being cozy with other BLACKPINK members. 

There are various pictures and videos available on YouTube where you can find Lisa trying to ki*s other ladies. She even made some ladies scream out of embarrassment when trying to ki*s that particular person. 

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Manobal can be clearly seen enjoying those panicking moments with the girls she was trying to h*g and ki*s forcefully. Such behavior made her followers think she wasn’t straight. 

But what do you think? Is she really into women? What we believe is Lisa treats other girls like her sister. Hence she gives them h*gs and ki*ses out of sisterly love. These days most girls treat their best friends this way. There’s nothing gayish in this. 

Final Words

Lisa Manobal from BLACKPINK is the world’s most famous K-pop female singer. She owns the most followers compared to other band members. 

With a vast amount of supporters, a question is often asked about her, ‘is BLACKPINK Lisa gay? Well, the answer is no. She may not have a boyfriend now, but she is interested in having one in the future. 

For K-pop rules, the singer can’t reveal herself as straight or gay or any other sexual person since she has all sexual people supporting her. But it is strictly believed that she is not interested in same-s*x people or love.

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