Is Victoria Justice Gay, Bi, or Straight? What’s Her Sexuality? 

Victoria Justice is one of the biggest stars who succeeded in the entertainment industry as a Nickelodeon celebrity. The media is always obsessed with her love life and sexual orientation. 

Let's explore Victoria Justice's sexual orientation.
Victoria Justice by orangesporanges licensed under CC BY 2.0

Her followers are also interested in whether Victoria Justice is gay, bi, or straight. Although Victoria hasn’t labeled her sexuality, if we look at her love interest, we can disclose her sexual orientation. 

You will know more exciting facts about the singer relating to the gay community. Hence, please read carefully so you can explore the truth with us. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

How the Gay Stories About Victoria Justice Was Created

‘Victoria Justice is gay,’ such a piece of news has been swirling around the internet. But why are people considering the ‘Trust‘ movie actress? While knowing her interest is in boys, some still got confused about her sexuality after her movie ‘Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List’ was released. 

This movie features Victoria as Naomi and Pierson Fode as Elly. The story is about two best friends, Naomi and Elly. They were neighbors. As the two grew together, Naomi couldn’t help but slowly fall for Elly, a gay guy. Although she knew about his sexuality, she fell in love. 

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Elly also used to love her but he didn’t realize that until Naomi fell in love with the exact guy that he fell for before Naomi understood that she too liked his childhood gay friend. 

People began to think of Justice as gay, and some even shared their thoughts on her sexuality. Let us tell you the ‘Fun Size’ actress cares less about sharing her sexuality and more about sharing her works. Also, many straight men and women played a gay characters in different movies. 

So, it’s not right to think of an actor/actress as homosexual, depending on the gay character they perform. Hence, to understand her sexuality, let’s check her love life. 

Analyzing Victoria Justice’s Love Life It’s Clear, The Actress is Straight

Victoria is so pretty that she gained more male followers than females. Her sexuality became a great interest among her supporters. 

Especially boys are too curious, and they keep searching for the answer to ‘is Victoria Justice gay, bisexual or straight? As per the media reports, the Nickelodeon celebrity never spoke about her sexual interests directly in any interview. 

However, we actually don’t need her confirmation since she is very open regarding her relationships. Our analysis of Victoria Justice’s relationships revealed to us her sexual orientation. Now let’s be straightforward. Victoria Justice is straight. She was and still is linked with men. 

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Her first public relationship was with Josh Hutcherson. They began dating in 2008. But it was unfortunate that the duo were together only for a year. The next year they split. 

After breaking up with Josh, she was single for two years. In 2011 Ryan Rottman came into her life, and soon they fell for each other. Their followers thought the duo would last long and marry; however, the truth is harsh. 

They were a couple for two years only and split in 2013. They told the media that it was a mutual breakup because they couldn’t manage enough time for each other. 

Pierson Fode didn’t take long to get into Victoria’s life as her new boyfriend in 2013 after the actress’s second breakup. They were a pretty happy couple, but they soon figured out that they were better as friends. 

Hence in 2015, the couple broke up. But Justice still attended Fode’s birthday party, and that’s how fans understood they accepted one another as good friends. 

Her last public relationship was with Reeve Carney. They were in a three-year relationship. From 2016 to 2019, they were great couples. But finally, they called it quit in February 2019 after Justice is currently single after splitting with Carney. 

We can see the actress was always involved with guys; this information is enough to slam any gay rumors about her sexuality. Victoria Justice might have a secret boyfriend, but we don’t know.  

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Final Words

Victoria justice’s love life directed us to the truth about her sexuality that she is straight. It’s normal to have curiosity about celebrity sexual orientation, and we are always looking for answers to your questions regarding your favorite celebrities.


How old was Victoria when he dated Rottman? 

Victoria began to date the handsome Rottman when she was 18. Her boyfriend was 26-year-old. They used to date back to 2011. 

Did Vic and Avan date? 

Victoria and Avan are often found together. They hang out a lot and don’t hide from the media. Their closeness raised questions about their relationship. 

The Vic followers wanted to know if the duo was dating. They faced this question in several interviews but always responded negatively, saying their relationship is nothing more than friendship. 

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