Why Do People Think Lionel Richie Could Be Gay? His Sexuality Revealed

Lionel Richie is one of the most excellent singers and songwriters of the 1980s. He was talented enough to mix two kinds of music and make it seem like a new genre.

Lionel Richie with his present dating partner Lisa Parigi. But still some people think he's gay.
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You will understand what we are saying if you have heard his famous song ‘All Night Long’. It had the vibes of both soft rock and R&B. Through his mesmerizing music; it took him a short time to become successful.

After succeeding, his fans demanded to learn more about his life, like his sexuality and love life. Some even think he could be gay. To find out the right information, stick to this article. 

Is Lionel Richie Gay Or Bisexual? 

Lionel Richie is so popular that some people always tried their best to make his reputation negative to his fans. Such haters kept promoting the singer as gay and bisexual however the truth is different. 

Richie never acted or did stuff like a queer in his music videos or on stage. So it’s ridiculous to think him gay based on some comments made by haters. There are no interviews found where he was asked about his sexual orientation. Maybe, for this reason, the singer chose to stay quiet about his sexual orientation. 

His silence fueled the gay gossip even more. Still many people including his supporters think him a queer. Since he has always been tight-lipped about his sexual orientation we need to look at his personal life and assume his sexual label. To find the answer whether the ‘ Say You, Say Me’ singer is homosexual or heterosexual.

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Assuming Lionel Richie’s Sexuality

Looking at Richie’s life, it’s easy to assume Lionel Richie’s sexuality is straight. He had two beautiful wives. He married Brenda Harvey in 1975. But the couple broke up after 18 years in 1993. He then married his girlfriend Diane Alexander in 1995, but only after nine years did they get divorced. 

He was linked to several ladies before and after his marriages. Currently, he is dating Lisa Parigi. They have publicized their relationship.

The couple has been dating since 2014. If he were gay even a little he would have dated at least one guy. But we didn’t find such news or evidence that can prove him, homosexual. 

Final Words

Lionel will always stay in our hearts with his legendary songs. Thinking of him as gay is not a fair thing to do. He never even supported the LGBTQ community.

But he also never hated them. Lionel is neutral regarding sexual orientation as he never labeled his sexuality. Looking at his love and marriage life, we can say he is straight.


How much was Lionel Richie’s divorce settlement?

Lionel Richie had to divorce his first wife, Diane Alexander. They split in 2003 and filed for divorce. It took 2004 for them to end everything legally. The amount for their divorce settlement was 20 million dollars. 

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How junior is Lionel Richie’s current girlfriend?

Richie’s current girlfriend is Lisa Parigi. She is reportedly forty years younger than the singer. 

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