Is Wesley Snipes Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality

Wesley Snipes was so dedicated to his dream from an early age. He used to dream of becoming a dancer and actor. In order to chase his dream career, the actor began to learn martial arts when he was only seven. 

He also started to study music and arts. Unfortunately, they had to shift to Orlando, for which he had to quit studying his favorite subjects.

Everything about our loving actor Wesley Snipes' sexuality.
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But the actor never gave up, and his will to become successful in the entertainment industry helped him achieve what he wanted. 

His martial skills were the biggest help since he gained fame by playing tough characters in different films. He made millions of fans watch his martial fights astonishingly. 

Fans grew interested to know everything about Snipes except his success stories. So, if you’re one of them, we will inform you if Wesley Snipes is gay by exploring his sexuality. 

Wesley Snipes Was Voted 44% as Gay, Which Sparked Gay Rumors

Some people always think every celebrity is gay and would vote for them all to prove what they claim. Wesley Snipes is straight, yet he was voted gay by 44% of people out of 100. There are several websites online where people provide their opinions on different celebrities’ sexuality. 

One such website called GAY or organized online voting where if a celebrity gets a 69% gay-rating will be considered gay. Although Snipes is not considered gay, with the 44% rating, this mislead many. 

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Some think ‘The Contractor’ actor is gay at least a little. But a straight person is straight; he can’t have gay characteristics even a bit, which is why they are separated in sexual orientation. Hence, it’s better not to trust such websites. We should not call or think someone is gay until they confirm. 

Wesley Snipes is Still Married to a Woman Indicates His Sexuality As Straight 

Snipes’ marriage life indicates to us the actor can’t be homosexual. If he were gay he either would live with a man or stay single until he founded his dream boy. But we know that his first marriage was with a lady and his second wife is also a female.

The ‘Blade: Trinity’ actor’s name was previously linked to several women. He also married twice. His relationships and marriages tell us Wesley is super straight. He had affairs with Donna Wong, Jennifer Lopez, and Jada Pinkett Smith. 

He had two wives. April Dubois is Wesley’s first wife with whom he shares a child named Jelani. In 2003 he got married for the second time to Nakyung Park, a painter. They became parents of four children. The couple is still living together. 

If Wesley were gay, the actor would have also divorced his second wife but they are living a pretty happy life. Besides he didn’t come out as bisexual or homosexual.

Hence, we should believe him to be a straight man until one day we hear the news of him coming out as something else other than straight.

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Final Words 

Gay rumors are a common thing for every celebrity. Every star has to deal with controversies for such made-up stories about their sexuality. 

Sadly, Wesley Snipes had to give interviews where his sexual orientation was the most important thing to find out.

But it’s super easy to understand that he is straight since he was married twice, had a daughter, and was in many relationships. 


Did Wesley Snipes date Jennifer Lopez? 

Back in 1995, Snipes and Lopez were an open couple. After becoming friends on the set of Money Train, they soon liked one another. Wesley often used to flirt with Jennifer, and she shared this with many tabloids. 

Does Wesley Snipes have a daughter? 

The American actor Snipes, well recognized for outstanding fighting skills, has a daughter. Her name is Iset Jua- T Snipes. Her biological mother is the first wife of Wesley named Nakyung Park. 

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