Is Tom Cruise Gay? Why Do People Have Doubts About His Sexuality? 

Tom Cruise is one of the celebrities who always came up with box office hit movies. Millions love him throughout the world for not only his acting skills but also for his manly attitude. The man had a wife who stayed ten years together, but something big happened, for which the couple broke up. 

Tom Cruise was three times married previously but still some people think Tom Cruise is gay.
Tom Cruise by Kathryn Decker-Krauth licensed under CC BY 2.0

Also, people began to doubt their beloved actor’s sexual orientation. There is a dark story behind all his sudden falls. The Cruise was thought a gay guy. But is Tom Cruise gay? Let’s explore why people doubt his sexual orientation. 

Tom Cruise Was Accused of Having Extra-marital Affair With a Gay P*rn S*ar

Tom Cruise, the crush of millions of ladies, was accused of having a sexual affair with a gay p*rn star! We know it’s unbelievable, right? Of course, no one would believe this unless a person doesn’t know Tom well. It’s so unfortunate that a male p*rns*ar who is homosexual claimed that he and Cruise had physical relationships. 

He also claimed Nicole Kidman, Cruise’s second wife, left him after knowing about his extramarital affair with that gay guy. Tom sued him on gay allegations, and his wife Kidman was given a 100 million dollar lawsuit by Cruise. Later, Slater, the gay p*rn*tar, was proven fraudulent, and the Eyes Wide Shut actor returned to his fame. 

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This happened in 2001, and since then, false rumors about Tom Cruise’s sexuality are still going online, thanks to his haters. Unfortunately, Cruise hasn’t shared his sexual orientation with the media or on his social media accounts. For this reason, the gay rumors are not completely fading away.

But a dead person Johnny Fratto who is the author of “Now That I’m Dead: Here’s The Real Dirt” claimed Tom is of course not gay. He claimed him as homosexual after seeing him at a nightclub in Chicago.

The man said he saw Cruise enter the club and went to two hot women and hugged them both from behind. He then said Tom is never homosexual. [Source: YouTube]

Tom Cruise Married Thrice and All His Partners Were Women

Like other straight men, the ‘American Made’ actor got married to ladies. He married three women and produced three children. His first wife was Mimi Rogers, who he married in 1987. But the couple’s bond was not strong, and three years later, they split. 

The second time he got married was in 1990 to Nicole Kidman. They were a couple for ten years. Katie Holmes is the last woman Tom married. They even have a daughter named Suri Cruise.

But after six years, they decided to end everything. Until now Tom’s lifestyle, other celebrity claims, and his marriage life indicate to us Tom Cruise is straight. Still, we don’t know if he might come out in the future.

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Final Words

Tom Cruise was married thrice in his life. Besides, he had affairs during his teenage years with many ladies. He is the father of three children. So, looking at his personal life, we have no grounds to doubt or say that Tom Cruise is not heterosexual.


Who is Tom Cruise’s first girlfriend?

In 2016 DailyMail was able to take an interview with Tom Cruise’s first love. Her name is Diane Cox. She told the host they had been in a relationship for two years. It was in 1979 when they met for the first time at their school’s prom. The actor was only 18 years, and she was 17. 

Who has custody of Suri Cruise? 

Suri is the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. After the couple ended everything between them, they had to go through the custody of their daughter. Katie won the custody case, and Tom only got the allowance for visitation. 

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