Is Helen Hunt Gay or Bi? What’s Her Sexuality?

Helen Hunt is a multi-talented lady. She is mainly famous for her acting and directing. Although she never played a gay role, she has worked in a gay story film. So does that mean that she is not straight? 

Let's see whether Helen Hunt is gay, bisexual, or straight.
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Helen Hunt is, of course, heterosexual. There is evidence that supports this claim. If you want to know how the media and other sources found this, continue reading the article until the end. 

Why Is ‘As Good as It Gets’ Actress Helen Hunt’s Sexuality Doubted? 

The prominent American actress Helen Hunt’s sexuality is easy to understand. Her private life proves that she isn’t gay.

Still, some people need confirmation from her to believe this. But sadly, she hasn’t talked about her sexual orientation yet. 

A big reason for doubting her sexual label is her appearance in the gay film ‘As Good As It Gets,’ where Jack Nicholson was also cast (learn about his sexuality).

Since the movie was about homosexuality, all the cast members’ sexual orientation is doubted, including Helen’s. 

According to Trustable Sources, Helen Hunt is Straight

Although Helen Hunt is silent on many personal things, it’s still simple to assume her sexuality. Helen Hunt is definitely straight because she was once married to a guy and had a long-term affair with another man. She even gave birth to a child. 

The ‘Mad About You’ actress’s first public affair was with Hank Azaria. They began dating in 1994. After 5 years of long experience, the duo tied the knot. Sadly, the marriage ended in divorce within only 17 months. She was single for an entire year. 

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In 2001 Helen went into a relationship with Matthew Carnahan, a producer. They were a happy couple and, in 2004, became parents of their only daughter Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan. Until 2017 ‘The Sessions’ actress was happily married to Matthew. 

But in August of the same year, they announced their separation. Since then, Helen Hunt has been single. She is focused on her work. Her sexual attraction toward men is enough to support her being straight. 

Final Words

Helen Hunt from the film ‘As Good as It Gets’ is heterosexual. There were misconceptions about her sexuality. Since she didn’t open her mouth, some fans couldn’t remove their doubts. Others were only curious to learn. Now you know her actual sexual label.

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