Richard Madden; Is He Gay or Bi? His Sexuality and Dating Life

Richard Madden earned the opportunity to play one of the noble characters of the Game of Thrones. For the first three seasons, he showed his spectacular level of acting.

He received many Awards for performing great. His supporters love him for not only acting outstandingly but also for appearing uniquely. 

Why do people have doubts about Richard Madden's sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
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This handsome guy is an everyday subject to ladies who are his die-hard fans. Therefore, news reporters come with their personal life stories. However, Richard’s label of sexuality is still unknown to many since he didn’t speak about it publicly.

Don’t worry because we will inform you of his sexuality and dating life details. So let’s consider whether Richard Madden is gay, bi, or straight. 

Is Richard Madden Gay? Why Does He Avoid Sexuality Questions? 

Richard has been considered gay since he acted as a gay character in the movie Rocketman. He astonished his fans by saying he likes diversion in this sector, which indicates he would not mind playing more queer roles in the future. When did The Guardian ask how he feels about acting as a homosexual personality?

The actor said, “We have to focus more on diversity and to have everyone represented, but I am also a firm believer in the best actor for the part.” The host further asked queries regarding his private life, but he refused to reply. 

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In another interview with The New York Times, the interviewer tried to dig into some information about his personal life but failed. The actor responded, “I just keep my personal life personal; I have never talked about my relationships.” But we are lucky enough to find a small list of the ladies he was linked to in the past. Let’s discover who he has dated before and after splitting with Jenna Coleman. 

Richard Madden Didn’t Come Out as Bisexual

Is Richard Madden bisexual? This question is pretty interesting because he never came out as bisexual Also he makes sure no one knows who he has dated. 

Unfortunately, the actor couldn’t keep his private life wrapped up because the media is always looking for a chance to get updates about their lives and thus others get to know. 

Also, a few of his Instagram pictures hinted at whom he once dated. One Instagram picture made some believe he was bisexual when he was kissed by a man but didn’t mention him. Some think he was Richard’s boyfriend and others it could be his friend who is gay. But oh well! Madden knows the answer well.

It’s confirmed that he didn’t label himself as bi, also he luckily was not captured romantically with men. So, we can’t say for sure that he has an interest in both sexes. However, Richard’s activities hint that he is interested in females.

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Women Richard Madden Dated 

As mentioned earlier, Richard has always kept his love life under wraps. Still, we dug into his personal life and found beautiful women with whom he was very close. He was last seen close publicly with Jenna Coleman. The duo met when Richard was at the peak of his success acting in Game of Thrones. 

As per the reports, they were girlfriend and boyfriend for three years. It’s unknown, though, when the duo began their relationship and ended. But news tells us he got closer to Lily James while in an affair with Coleman. This led them to break up.

The dashing actor also went on dates with Caroline Flack. According to Flack’s friend Laura they had several fights regarding publicizing their relationship. Unfortunately, they ended everything soon. 

Madden’s name was also involved with Ellie Bamber. The couple was rumored to have been in a relationship for two years, from 2017 to 2019. The reason for their breakup was conflicting schedules. Richard Madden’s sexuality is straight as far as we have assumed, but we are also waiting for his confirmation on this. 

Final Words

From the day Madden tried to work hard to become a well-renowned actor, he gradually achieved what he targeted. He is pretty fast in catching the attention of viewers.

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It’s been years since his sexual orientation was under speculation. Many know that Richard Madden’s sexuality is straight, but now you know it from a verified source.


What is Richard Madden’s ethnicity?

Richard Madden was welcomed to this planet on 18th June 1986 in the land of Scotland. Hence, Madden is Scottish by birth. 

How long did Richard Madden and Jenna Coleman date? 

When Richard and Jenna were in a relationship, they hid it from their fans. After a long time, the news finally came from being a couple. Their relationship was not strong enough, so they used to break up and patch up a lot. From 2012-2015 the couple had their affair going. 

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